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Texas Child


"Ready to make memories with my forever family."

Jonathan is a wonderful youth who has an engaging smile. He is bright and catches on to things quickly. When he applies himself, Jonathan is an excellent student. However, there are times when he needs assistance and encouragement to finish his homework. Jonathan has a soft heart and likes to help others, especially with household tasks. Jonathan thrives in a structured environment and does well when he is given tasks and goals to accomplish. Jonathan loves to stay active and keep busy. In his spare time, Jonathan likes to watch movies and play video games. He also enjoys playing sports, especially football and track. Jonathan has a strong work ethic and wants to find a job.

Jonathan will do best in a two-parent home. Jonathan would like for his forever family to be located near his siblings. Jonathan has a strong bond with his siblings and it is important to him that they remain close. The ideal family will be understanding and supportive of Jonathan and his siblings’ desire to continue communication with each other. Jonathan will do well with a family that sets and maintains appropriate boundaries, as well as having reasonable expectations of him. With his love of sports, it will be beneficial for Jonathan to have a parents or siblings that share this interest. Jonathan has so much to offer the right family.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.