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Texas Child


"I am a smart, loyal young lady who is easy-going. I love to read and I love caring for animals."

Delyllah is a bright young lady who is easy-going. Delyllah enjoys spending time with her friends and reading voraciously. She is an animal-lover and wants to be either a veterinarian or a doctor someday. It takes some time for her to open up to others, but once she does she is extremely loyal. Delyllah is very smart and does well in school. She enjoys all kinds of foods, and admits she could use some guidance on learning how to cook for herself. Delyllah sees herself more as a tomboy. She wants to participate in softball. Delyllah can be headstrong and vocal when she does not want to do something, though she is very helpful and is learning how to interact with others in a respectful manner. Delyllah gets along well with her peers and other children.

Delyllah wants a family who will provide a stable, loving, and functional home she can forever be a part of and learn from. The family for Delyllah will accept and reinforce appropriate family connections while remaining a support for Delyllah as she grows. They will prepare her for adulthood in a safe space while encouraging her to enjoy her childhood. Delyllah strongly desires a family who has pets, especially dogs. Delyllah will do well with a family who has children in the home, though if she has siblings she wishes to have siblings that are close in her age or older. Delyllah’s forever family will be realistic in their expectations of her and patient in their love for her. Delyllah’s only wish is that her family will be forever committed to her through the ups and downs.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.