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Texas Child

"I never judge a book by its cover because I am passionate about what's inside."


Alexis is outgoing and communicates her needs and wants very well. She is intelligent and enjoys participating in intellectual activities, such as reading and writing stories. She is close with her siblings and it is important for her to stay connected to them. She enjoys going shopping for the latest trends and going to the movies. She loves the trill of roller coasters and enjoys going to theme parks. When encouraged, she becomes motivated in her academic studies and trying to be the best version of herself. Alexis is working on ways to cope with her feelings and has been improving communicating her thoughts to others.

Alexis will do great in a family who has other children, as she can be very nurturing. She is looking for a family who is active and enjoys thrills just as much as she does. She will be successful in a one or two parent home. Her family will get the most out of Alexis when they are encouraging, positive and supportive of her goals. She hopes to find a family that can challenge her intellectually and shares similar hobbies.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.