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Oregon Child


Whether it be the solar system or the human body, Jasmine is constantly striving to understand how the world around her works. She will eagerly tell you all about her latest discoveries whenever she gets the chance! A curious and inquisitive girl, Jasmine is always ready to tear into a new book or to learn exciting, new facts. Considering her love for learning, it was a natural decision for Jasmine to put herself in a teaching role on one of the subjects she knows best - herself! Jasmine was eager to share with potential adoptive families through her In-Depth Profile, which she dreamed up and directed herself! 

Jasmine shines in the spotlight and loves to be the center of attention. It's important to Jasmine that people know she is a "cat person", "loves glitter", and "loves pink." If she could visit any place on earth, Jasmine would pick “Spinachland” and her dream house would be “underground with spinach.” However, a pink and black bedroom, hopefully with a pet tarantula, would do just fine in the meantime! Some of Jasmine's favorite things to do are gymnastics, riding horses, drawing, reading, and swimming. She has also started babysitting recently and is really enjoying that. Jasmine sees herself either becoming an artist, singer, police officer, or "a person who provides help to those who can't see."

Jasmine tries really hard in school and does well with a reward system both at school and at home. Her adoptive family will need to be strong advocates for her educational needs, both in and outside of the classroom. Jasmine’s favorite subjects in school are art and math. She doesn't even have a least favorite class in school though; she says she really likes them all.

Jasmine has a large biological family with multiple other siblings living in a myriad of other situations. She has varying degrees of connections with some of them. For those she is strongly connected to, it is very important that her adoptive family be willing to support and foster these relationships. Jasmine has made significant connections with her former CASA and siblings and deserves an adoptive family with the willingness and follow-through to continue to support her existing relationships. 

Jasmine loves to play with her iPad, especially interactive games that she can enjoy with her friends. Being able to have tablet and phone time on the weekends is a must for Jasmine! She'll take any opportunity to get outside and enjoys spending time in the community, especially if she can be on her bike. She is so ready to receive parental love and attention in her life. Jasmine likes to snuggle, and to know with confidence that she is adored and loved.

Jasmine thrives with a plan for each day and clear, concise expectations. Visual reminders of what her day looks like is a nice way to help her feel ready and prepared. Jasmine does best with positive reinforcement and incentives. Jasmine really thrives on routines, lots of encouragement, and very involved and caring parents.

Jasmine will do well in a home with adoptive parents that can shower her with individual attention and surround her with commitment. She will do best in a family that balances structure and consistency with flexibility and fun. She deserves a family who is adaptable and prioritizes quality time.

Jasmine expresses that she wants her adoptive parents to be kind and respectful to her. She says that she also sees herself with a family that has no other kids, or a family that she can at least be the youngest of. She loves pets, so a family with pets or who is willing to get them, would be great! Jasmine would also like a family that enjoys playing outside for fun.