Arad, Tommy, Valerie and  Ivan
Arad, Tommy, Valerie and  Ivan Arad, Tommy, Valerie and  Ivan Arad, Tommy, Valerie and  Ivan Arad, Tommy, Valerie and  Ivan
  • Names:
    Arad, Tommy, Valerie and Ivan
  • Ages:
    15, 11, 11 and 9
  • Genders:
    Male, Male, Female and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


We are a fun silly group with a lot of energy and great big smiles.


Arad is the oldest of the sibling group. Arad likes to hang out with his younger siblings and play video games. Arad is into all types of sports, including basketball and baseball and likes to be outdoors either fishing or riding his bike. Arad is focused on his education and looking forward to graduating from High School in the next few years. Tommy is the next oldest in the sibling group and is the twin brother of Valerie. Tommy likes to play with Pokémon cards and joke around with his friends. Tommy has enough energy to play for hours on end. Tommy likes school and his favorite subjects are recess and physical education. Valerie is the only girl in the group and enjoys shopping, playing with dolls, and reading chapter books. Valerie likes to collect bows and anything with a Llama on it as this is her new favorite obsession. Ivan is the baby of the group and likes to hang out with his older siblings. Ivan has an array of superhero toys and t-shirts that he likes to show off. Ivan enjoys spending time building with his Lego set and collecting plush Pokémon toys. He is very talkative and likes to ask questions about things going on around him.


"I like to play with video games and with my foster family."


Arad is a sweet, kind, reserved, and calm teen. He is vocal about what he enjoys, such as spending times with his younger siblings, as well as his feelings towards adoption, and what he wants out of life as he transitions to becoming a young adult. Arad has a deep respect and high regards for his older brothers, as they have all graduated from high school and have begun college. Once Arad feels comfortable with someone new, he will open up. Arad gets along with other youths his age. He loves to play with video games on his Nintendo DS. He also likes outdoor sports such as baseball and basketball. His favorite subjects in school are art, math, and science. Some of his other interests include biking, fishing, and going to the movies.


Arad needs a family that will love, care, nurture, and invest in him. He has a preconceived idea that an adoptive family will not want to adopt him due to his age. Arad would greatly benefit from a family that can change and challenge this train of thought and change his outlook on adoption. Arad needs a patient family as he tends to be initially guarded, but will open up once he has confidence in an individual. As the oldest, Arad needs to be given more space as he can get frustrated with his siblings on occasion, and enjoys his solitude and time to himself. Arad wants to be part of loving family that has animals, siblings, and loving parents.


"Let's go swimming!"


Valerie is a fun-loving active, young girl who has a spunky and bubbly personality. She enjoys playing ping-pong and reading science-fiction books. Valerie is learning to play the ukulele and loves to sing in the choir at school. She makes friends easily, but is also shy around new people. Valerie is a girly-girl who likes to go shopping and also enjoys decorating her room with bright colors. She is currently into llamas and has several photos, plush animals, T-shirts, and jewelry with llamas on them. Valerie likes to play outside with her brothers and enjoys going to the swimming pool during hot summer days.


Valerie will do well with a family that is active and social. Valerie will need a family that can support her educational goals as she would like to be involved in many activities in school. Valerie needs affection, positive reinforcements, and a family that will support her sibling bond. She gets along with other children her age and is respectful towards adults and authority figures.


Let's "catch them all"!


Tommy is an energetic and rambunctious young boy who is out-going and makes friends easily. He likes to play outside on his bike or play tag with his siblings. Tommy is learning to play the ukulele at school and is enthusiastic about his progress. Tommy loves Pokémon and is an avid collector of the cards. He enjoys sharing is vast knowledge of Pokémon with anyone he meets. Tommy is honest about how he feels and will let you know what is on his mind. He enjoys attending field trips and going on outings with his family. Tommy also enjoys watching cartoons and playing video games in his free time.


Tommy will do best with a family that will provide him with patience, guidance, and re-direction. His ideal family will be structured and can help him maintain a routine so that he does not get bored. He needs support in school to assist him with staying on task and encouraging his progress. Tommy will do well with a family that has pets. It is important for Tommy to be adopted with his siblings.


"Let's build something new with my Legos!"


Ivan is an intelligent, young boy with energy to spare. He likes to build worlds with his Legos and loves superheroes such as Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman. Ivan enjoys reading books and playing video games with his older brother. Ivan also enjoys playing with his older siblings while they ride their scooters or go to the park. Like his oldest brother, Ivan is already thinking about his future and has started saving money for college in his piggy bank! Some of Ivan’s other hobbies include, completing arts and crafts and learning about science. Ivan likes to crack jokes and to make others laugh. Ivan enjoys being involved in sports and participating in extracurricular activities in school.


Ivan will do well with a family that respects his distance when it comes to affection and will allow for him to open up on his own terms. Ivan gets along with other children as well as with adults. Ivan does well with structure. Ivan will need a family that can support the sibling relationship between he and his siblings. Ivan would like to be a part of a family that likes to be active and play with him outside.


Arad, Tommy, Valerie, and Ivan want like to be adopted together so they can remain close. They will do well in a home that is active, outgoing, and involved in the community. The children like to play and have tons of energy. The sibling group needs a family that can work with all of their busy school activity schedules. Arad, Tommy, Valerie, and Ivan get along with other children and are easily redirected. The children love animals so a family with pets is a plus. Arad, Tommy, Valerie, and Ivan need a caring, safe, and loving home that can provide stability and understanding as they adjust to their new family. The children will do best in a structured home that will keep them on task with their school clubs and extracurricular activities.


Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.