Matthew and  Krystal
Matthew and  Krystal Matthew and  Krystal
  • Names:
    Matthew and Krystal
  • Ages:
    14 and 11
  • Genders:
    Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


We are ready for our "Forever Home."

Matthew and Krystal look forward to finding their forever home. They enjoy listening to music and watching movies together. Michael and Krystal honestly admit that on occasion they argue and do not get along. However, the children love each other and show affection towards one another. When they are upset, Michael and Krystal are able to take time to themselves or talk through their difference when they are ready. The siblings have different and unique interests and opinions. Krystal is a "girly-girl" and Michael is more easy-going. Michael is a jokester who loves to make his sister laugh. They love and care for each other and want the best for one other. 

"I'm a great artist!"

Matthew is a handsome, smart, and respectful teen. He is quiet initially and with those he does not know. Once he is comfortable, he is able to open up, have fun and is very out-going. He is silly and energetic and loves to make others laugh by telling jokes. He is also very caring. Matthew has an artistic side and enjoys drawing, painting, and coloring. He also enjoys listening to music, going on outings, spending time outdoors, and playing on his tablet. Michael gets along well with other children, makes friends, and enjoys hanging out with those who are close to him.

"I am a girl with lots of energy."

Krystal is eager to join her forever family. She is full of personality, loving, and affectionate. Krystal is talkative, personable, and enjoys the outdoors. Krystal is "sporty" but also loves to wear dresses and fix her hair. She is a fun, out-going, and loving girl who enjoys reading books, singing, playing outside, and listening to music. She likes many sports including football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. She also likes doing arts and crafts and enjoys making flowers arrangements. She enjoys attending school and learning new things but needs extra support with math. Krystal enjoys spending time with her brother, enjoys his company, and states that he is the best brother ever.

Michael and Krystal wish to be adopted by a family with a mom and dad. They will do well in a family who is active and enjoys doing things outdoors, but who also likes to stay home and watch movies. These siblings enjoy going out as a family to parks, restaurants, and shopping. Their key desire for adoption is time together as a family. The children need a family who will be patient and help guide them to make good choices. They respond well to structure and clear expectations. They will thrive with a family who is loving and nurturing but also has structure. The children prefer to be the only children in the home but are okay with having siblings and would love to have animals.

Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services