Sephiroth and  Lucien
Sephiroth and  Lucien Sephiroth and  Lucien Sephiroth and  Lucien Sephiroth and  Lucien
  • Names:
    Sephiroth and Lucien
  • Ages:
    11 and 10
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


"We are very close as brothers and want to be in a loving home together."

Sephiroth and Lucein are an energetic, outgoing and fun sibling group. They care for each other and have a very close and deep attachment to one another. They are together daily and have a true brotherly bond. Lucien is the youngest sibling. He loves to play basketball and video games and also ensure his older sibling is doing well. Sephiroth, the eldest of the two, loves to play video games and read books. Lucien looks to Sephiroth for guidance and security. Both children desire to find a forever family who will love them and provide a nurturing home for them together.

"I like to spend time with my friends playing video games."

Sephiroth, who prefers to be called Seth, has an outgoing personality, makes friends easily, and likes to express himself freely. He is most comfortable when participating in activities he enjoys. Seth really appreciates being outdoors and some of his favorite outside activities include, basketball, skating, and swimming. He also likes playing video games in the evenings after school. He loves superheroes, such as Batman, Spider-Man and Ironman. Seth has an active imagination, loves to laugh and joke with people. In school, Seth needs encouragement at times but loves to read. He has expressed an interest in joining a soccer league outside of school.

Seth would love to be matched with a mom and dad who will allow him and his brother to grow up together. He needs a committed, nurturing family. Seth needs a family willing to advocate for him while providing new challenges.

"I like to spend time with my friends playing video games."

Lucien, who likes to be called Luke, is engaging and friendly. Luke revels being outdoors where he enjoys camping, going on walks and hikes, and riding his bike. He also enjoys playing basketball. Indoors, Luke keeps busy playing video games and watching movies with his brother. He is quite the superhero buff and some of his favorites are Batman, Spider-Man and Ironman. Seth does well in school and enjoys interacting with his teachers. Luke is always one of the best dressed kids in his class and takes pride in his outward appearance. He has a great appetite and is looking forward to family meals together.

Luke desires a loving home with a mother and father who will accept him along with his brother. Luke is open and will be comfortable having more siblings. He will do well with a family who will enroll him in extra-curricular sports and watch him play.

Lucien and Sephiroth need a family who is loving, nurturing and patient. The children will benefit from an active family that will provide them with an opportunity to travel and experience new places. Their new family will be committed to keeping the siblings together.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.