Chance and  Garrett
Chance and  Garrett Chance and  Garrett
  • Names:
    Chance and Garrett
  • Ages:
    15 and 13
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


"We love each other very much and hope to find a great home where we can live together."

Chance is a protective brother and always looks out for Garrett. The brothers hope to never be separated again. They get along well and enjoy many of the same activities such as playing outside, listening to music, and attending church. Both boys enjoy going camping and hiking. Chance and Garrett are good with animals and enjoy having pets. The boys enjoy going on family vacations and going out to eat. Chance and Garrett enjoy having other children in the home to play with. Garrett looks up to his big brother and wants to be involved in activities that Chance enjoys. Both boys are eager to lend a helping hand around the home.


"I love hockey, hockey, and more hockey. I am looking forward to playing hockey with you!!!"

Chance is a smart and outgoing child. He is helpful and kind. He enjoys science, video games and making art projects. Chance enjoys attending school and reading. Chance enjoys outdoor activities such as basketball, riding bikes and swimming. Chance participates in soccer and basketball. He loves to attend the Dallas Stars hockey games. He also enjoyed participating in Boy Scouts. Chance also enjoys singing and listening to music. Additionally, he likes playing with animals, drawing and assisting with cooking. Chance occasionally expresses his emotions in a physical manner, but he responds well to redirection and consequences. Chance will continue to attend supportive services to cope with his past abuse and neglect. He continues to learn ways to manager his behaviors in a positive way. Chance has two brothers who he would like to keep in contact with after he is adopted.

Chance will do best in a home where he is the only child or the youngest child in the home. He would like an active family who will allow him to participate in extracurricular activities. He will likely excel in a structured home environment that can provide him with stability and love. Chance has two siblings who are not part of this adoption. It is important to Chance that he be able to maintain contact with his siblings.


"I like playing and watching Dora the Explorer and Boots. I want a best friend like Boots and to go on adventures like Dora, with my family." 

Garrett is the typical absolutely adorable child. He is so very lovable with a quick grin and a twinkle in his eye. He likes to do arts and crafts, watch funny movies, and read. Story time is one of Garrett's favorite times. He loves Dora the Explorer and Boots. He wants to meet them and go on an adventure. Garrett also wants to drive a car. Bumper cars would fulfil that wish at this time. His favorite R's at school are reading, recess, and running. You can throw in art. Garrett is a fun little guy. He likes to have fun but he prefers a quiet and calm environment. Garrett has experienced a tremendous amount or turbulence in his little life and is still getting his footing. Garrett needs time to adjust to changes. A steady routine with constant reassurance is best for him. He requires assistance with daily tasks as he needs more prompting then children his age. Garrett enjoys a warm and loving family life. He can get off task or avoid following instructions at times but he is easily redirected in a home setting. Garrett finds a school setting challenging. He requires familiarity, consistency, concrete boundaries, understanding, patience, and a rapport with his instructors. Relationship is extremely important to Garrett. Garrett is a very smart child and he knows that he is playing catch up. Garrett understands that it takes longer for him to process some things because he has had so much on his young mind. He is looking forward to being with a loving family who will care for him forever.

Garrett's parents will have experience and or training in working with children who come from hard places. They will know how to advocate and access resources for Garrett. His family will encourage him in supportive services. They will provide opportunities for Garret to experience new things in a loving environment to help him develop trust. His parents will see his ability and guide him into fulfilling his full potential.


Chance and Garrett will do best in an active family who will keep them in extra-curricular activities. Both brothers need a family who will advocate for them educationally. It is important to the boys that they remain active in church. Chance and Garrett have one older brother, who is not a part of this adoption, who they would like to keep in contact with as well. Their family will be very patient by nature and able to keep up with two active boys. This twosome's family must be sensitive to the children's needs, and access any recommended supportive services to ensure healing and restoration takes place. The ideal family will be encouraging and committed to giving both of these children plenty of individual attention and spending quality family time together.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services