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Texas Child


"I like to play Xbox, basket ball and football." 

Marquis is a quiet, thoughtful and active boy. Marquis can be shy at first but opens up once he gets to know you. Marquis loves to smile and likes to go on shopping trips to the mall. Marquis also likes playing basketball and football. Marquis does well in his school and his favorite subject is math. Marquis likes going to school and is working on enjoying other subjects. On occasion, he needs prompts to complete his work and do his homework, especially if he does not understand the subject. Marquis is working on expressing his emotions and benefits from direction.

Marquis will benefit from a family that is nurturing, supportive and one that will go at his pace. The ideal family will take the time to understand his needs and help him by directing him when he is having difficulties with expressing his emotions. Marquis will learn best with having structure in the home.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services