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Texas Child


"I like working and am respectful. Family is very important to me."


Abel has started his very first job and has begun thinking about what kind of options he would like to have for his career. He likes to hang out with his friends and go to the movies. Abel tends to be level-headed, and will speak his mind. He has a younger sister and brother who will not be part of this adoption, he would like to remain living in the Texas Panhandle to be close to his younger siblings. His family should be open to him maintaining contact with them. At times, Able needs reminders to maintain focus at school and usually responds very well to positive reinforcement.

Abel looking for a loving family who will care for him. He will do very well in a family who is consistent with their discipline and patient with him while he adjusts to a new setting and boundaries. Abel wants a family who is open to him visiting and continuing communication with his sister and brother often. He likes opportunities to be active and wants to be in a family where he can experience trips and adventures. His ideal family will be understanding and supportive of Abel. Abel wants a family who will love him through good and bad.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.