James and  Alayna
James and  Alayna James and  Alayna
  • Names:
    James and Alayna
  • Ages:
    10 and 6
  • Genders:
    Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


The Adoption Unit is considering Texas families and they will be afforded priority.  Out of state families are not being considered at this time.


"We are two good kids, and want our forever home."

James and Alayna are very bonded to each other. James worries about Alayna, and Alayna looks to James for reassurance. James is very patient with Alayna and he seems to think it is his job to keep them safe and together. Alayna will let James take the lead and depend on him for the decision making. However, like many siblings, Alayna can get on James' nerves when she constantly asks him questions. She tends to ask "Why?" most of the time. They do not fight, and seldom play together. Each has their own personality traits making them unique individuals. James and Alayna are ready for their forever home.


"I like to ask questions. I am always happy."

James is an active child that likes going outside and playing. He prefers outside activities, but James also likes playing video games. He can be shy at first, but as he gets to know someone he opens up and is very friendly. James is not afraid to ask questions if he does not understand. He is a very polite and easily follows instructions. James enjoys school and does well in all of his classes. James makes friends wherever he goes and all his school teachers like him. James dearly loves his sister, Alayna. He watches over her and makes sure she is safe.

James needs a family who will let him visit his grandmother as he has a strong bond with her. Additionally, James needs a structured family that will help him work through his past and the losses he has suffered. His ideal family will be one where he and his sister are the only children or at least are the youngest children in the home. CPS feels it is in James' and Alayna's best interest to be adopted by a family within Texas.

"I like to play with others, and I like hot dogs."

Alayna is a cute, little girl who likes to play with toys. She loves to talk and has questions about everything. She is adventurous and is not afraid to try new things. However, she will look to her caregivers for reinforcement. She is very friendly as well as curious about the world around her. Others describe Alayna as a social butterfly. She absolutely loves school and maintains A's and B's. Teachers describe Alayna as very polite and state that she is eager to please. Alayna enjoys being active and participating in as many activities as possible. She has no fear of being spontaneous!

Alayna needs a family who support and facilitate her in visiting with her grandmother, as she shares a strong connection with her. Additionally, Alayna needs a structured family who will help her work through her grief and loss. Alayna will benefit most if she and her brother, James, are only children. CPS feels it is in James' and Alayna's best interest to be adopted by a family within Texas.

James and Alayna will do best with a family accepting both of them together, but willing to recognize them as individuals. The family will need to be patient in working with James as he changes his role from caregiver, and protector of Alayna, to a normal child with a sibling. Their grandmother is very important to the both of them, and their forever family should assist in facilitating this bond. CPS feels it is in James' and Alayna's best interest to be adopted by a family within Texas.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.