Gerardo, Ricardo, Marcela and  Claudia
Gerardo, Ricardo, Marcela and  Claudia Gerardo, Ricardo, Marcela and  Claudia Gerardo, Ricardo, Marcela and  Claudia Gerardo, Ricardo, Marcela and  Claudia
  • Names:
    Gerardo, Ricardo, Marcela and Claudia
  • Ages:
    16, 14, 14 and 12
  • Genders:
    Male, Female, Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


"We keep things fun together!"

Meet Gerardo, Ricardo, Marcela, and Claudia! This sibling group is a fun, loving, and sweet bunch. Gerardo likes to be called Gerry, and is the talkative one of the group. He is very smart and likes to take care of others, especially his siblings. Ricardo, who likes to go by Mickey, is a bit quieter. Ricardo is very attentive and close to his siblings. Marcela and Claudia are the biggest girly-girls and are filled with so much energy. Together they love being the life of the party. Marcela enjoys playing with dolls and with children her age. Claudia is the baby of the group, and is the most energetic of the group as well. Claudia may at times need some redirection, but she responds well.

"I'm a looking to create life long memories."

Gerardo is a sweet, respectful, happy, funny, and talkative boy. He is very caring, which at times cause him automatically assume the role of the advocate or caregiver for his siblings. He is a very helpful and intelligent young boy, he likes to take care of others and advocate for them. Gerardo's biggest attribute is his big heart and he is a big believer in justice. He likes to play and joke around and feels very comfortable doing so with his siblings, as they have a very strong bond. Gerardo enjoys sports and loves basketball. He has dreams to one day become a basketball player. At times, Gerardo can be authoritative and can be easily distracted, needing to be reminded of house rules. Gerardo does not like for others to touch his personal belongings without his permission.

Gerardo is aware of his permanency goal of adoption and has expressed interest in being adopted even though at times it will make him nervous. He wants to feel loved, secure, and accepted. Gerardo will do well with a family who offers patience and love. His family must provide him with a structured environment while allowing him to grow and develop his own interests. Gerardo wants a family with similar culture.

"I like to be called Mickey, and I am a lot of fun!"

Ricardo prefers to be called Mikey. He is a smart, talkative, sweet, and super active boy who still preserves his childhood innocence. Ricardo is very sensitive and has a soft heart for those he loves. He likes to run, play a lot with his toys, and be surrounded by those he loves. Ricardo loves soccer. His favorite team is the Barcelona team because they have the best soccer player in world. He hopes to one day be like them. Ricardo is respectful and attentive. He is a very imaginative, playful, innocent, and charismatic boy who can bring a smile to the face of anyone around him. Ricardo is also very attached to his siblings, and being together is very important to him. He is happy to know that there is a family out there who can become his forever family.

Ricardo is interested in being adopted and wishes to find a forever family. He would like a family who will provide a loving environment where he feels loved, secure, and accepted. Ricardo may need to be redirected at times, and is looking a family who will communicate well with him. His ideal family will work well in redirecting him when needed in a patient and loving manner. Ricardo is the youngest of the boys and may be in need of a positive and loving mother figure.

"I am sweet and loving!"

Marcela at first may come off as shy and reserved, but she is a sweet, playful, and active girl who enjoys spending time doing girly things. Marcela enjoys watching princess movies, doing her hair, and wearing girly clothes. She likes to eat Mexican food. Marcela especially loves to spend time with those who she loves. She enjoys playing pretend with her sister. The sisters enjoy pretending to serve tea, they put all their stuffed animals and dolls in the table and serve cookies and milk. She would like to have a forever family who will love and nurture her and her siblings. Marcela needs individual instruction due her short attention span. Marcela has demonstrated improvement in her response to redirection by listening.

Marcela will do well in a family who offers consistency, acceptance, patience, and love. She will need ongoing supervision to redirect her behavior. Marcela’s family will be able to spend a lot of individual time with her and access the resources she needs. Marcela does very well with older children and pets in the home. She responds best to a predictable and structured environment. Her family must encourage her to grow and develop her own interests. Marcella will work well in a family who is loving and kind, and sensitive to her emotional needs.

"I am the fun one of the bunch!"

Claudia is a very energetic young girl. Claudia is a sweet, sociable, and talkative child. She is very active and enjoys being engaged in different activities all day. Claudia likes to talk to people and is not shy at all. She loves being the center of attention and life of the party. Claudia also enjoys playing with dolls, toys, and other people. She likes to run and jump, and also quiet activities watching movies, a hobby she really enjoys, especially Disney movies. Claudia is practicing following rules and being respectful towards others. She tends to have conflicts with her sister for little reasons, and at times may compete for attention. Claudia loves to interact with other children, but can, at times, become rough or demanding of their attention. She has learned to share her toys with her peers.

Claudia is excited to meet her forever family. She will benefit from a family who is energetic and will provide Claudia a structured environment. She needs a family who is patient and who will work well in communicating with her when she needs redirection. She will also benefit from a family who will provide more individual supervision. Claudia enjoys quality time and is very eager and excited to find a forever family.

Gerardo, Ricardo, Marcela, and Claudia all wish to find a family where they feel secure, loved, and accepted. They will do well in a family who is consistent and structured, and who displays love and affection. The children long to be offered unconditional support, guidance, and supervision; with plenty of energy to be able to play and be active with them. Attending a Christian church is important for all the children. Gerardo, Ricardo, Marcela, and Claudia would like to live in Texas to be able to preserve their Hispanic culture.


These children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services