Joshua, Ethan and  Gabriella
Joshua, Ethan and  Gabriella Joshua, Ethan and  Gabriella Joshua, Ethan and  Gabriella
  • Names:
    Joshua, Ethan and Gabriella
  • Ages:
    10, 9 and 8
  • Genders:
    Male, Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
    African American
  • Bulletin#

Texas Child


"We can't wait to play games and laugh a family!"

Joshua, Ethan, and Gabriella will keep you laughing, smiling, and on your toes. They love just about any type of food, including vegetables. The boys really love spaghetti, while Gabriella has a sweet tooth for ice cream and cookies. Whether they are indoors or outside, these siblings love to be active. The boys enjoy being creative with LEGOs and playing video games, and Gabriella is into gymnastics. Joshua and Ethan also enjoy going for bike rides and tossing a football around the yard, and Gabriella is enthusiastic about dance. This dynamic sibling group is ready to meet their forever family.  

"I am the greatest. I am nice to people."

Joshua is a great, big brother who loves to help out with his younger siblings. He enjoys playing video games, especially Minecraft, and playing tunes on his guitar. He also enjoys outdoor activities, such as riding bikes, playing football and camping. Joshua likes school and his grades can excel with encouragement and reassurance from his forever parents. His favorite subjects to study are Science and History. Joshua loves a sharing a traditional meal of spaghetti with his family.

Joshua's forever mom and dad will be excited to learn about his unique talents and abilities and encourage him to explore his skills and interests. They will help him with his schoolwork and celebrate his good grades and achievements. His parents will also be strong advocates for his education to ensure he is receiving all of the services at his school that he needs. Joshua's family will look forward to spending time getting to know him and have patience as he learns to trust them to care for his younger siblings. Families who may have knowledge and experience with  Nephrotic Disorder will be a good fit for Joshua.

"I love LEGOs and I like to be by myself."

Meet Ethan! Ethan, who sometimes goes by the nickname of Squirrel, is always on the move. He is very active and enjoys being outdoors playing football and with race cars. When he is playing inside, he loves to be surrounded by Legos! Ethan can be shy when he first meets someone but can quickly warm up and then he is off to the races chatting about what he likes. Ethan enjoys school but may need guidance with his reading. He does well with others but can use encouragement with sharing. He loves spending quality time with family, playing games and sharing one of his favorite foods, pizza.

Ethan's forever family will enjoy his spirit and energy! His parents will be strong advocates for him in school to ensure that his is receiving all the educational services available in order to help him succeed. His parents will encourage him to learn healthy sibling interaction and show him what a healthy, loving relationship look like. Ethan's parents will help him explore his skills and talents and encourage him to develop them into abilities that will help him grow and excel. Helping Ethan to find a skill that is unique to him will help him build trust in his new parents and will also provide him with self-confidence.

"I am smart and I am good at Science."

Gabriella is the sister of the bunch! She prefers to go by her nickname, Gabby. Gabby's personality shines brightly and she has a beautiful smile. She likes to get her nails and hair done and to be pampered. At home, Gabby enjoys completing craft kits and working on other craft activities. Gabby loves gymnastics and dance and would be thrilled to get back into participating in these activities. She gets along with her brothers but at times needs to allow Joshua and Ethan to do their own activities instead of trying to direct them into doing what she wants. She is a great leader and needs to be shown how to utilize this talent in a more productive way. Gabriella enjoys school and her favorite subjects are Science and Math.

Gabby's family will help cultivate her love for dance and gymnastics and encourage her to practice her skills as well as be eager to attend her dance recitals and gymnastics competitions. Gabby's family will be also be involved with her school work to help her succeed in each of her subjects, especially in math. Gabby's family will be willing to look into a network or resources to teach Gabby who to properly express her emotions and thoughts with words rather than actions. Gabby is looking forward to a game and pizza night with her new family!

Joshua, Ethan and Gabriella's forever family will be active, encouraging, and loving. Their forever parents will also be patient and understand that each child will express unique challenges. Their family will need to identify resources to assist each child in overcoming these obstacles. The best family for this sibling group will have the necessary experience and skill to provide the individual attention each child needs to flourish and grow, while also providing a loving home that encourages a strong sibling and family bond. They will assist in their educational needs and maintain frequent contact with the school to identify resources that will assist the children in excelling academically.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.