Daniel and  David
Daniel and  David Daniel and  David
  • Names:
    Daniel and David
  • Ages:
    9 and 8
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


"Our favorite place to meet at for visits is McDonald’s! We love to play in the jungle gym and eat together. We have also been to the park and liked being outside."

Daniel and David are very close brothers. Daniel is very caring towards his younger brother. Daniel tends to be the leader of the brothers and tries to be a good role model for David. Daniel is always ready and willing to help out his brother, David, with opening up a ketchup packet or anything else he may need help with. The brothers interact more in their play when they are able to observe other children playing games such as tag. David will engage in play with his brother with some prompting. David and Daniel enjoy visiting with each other during sibling visits and love each other very much. The brothers express interest in how the other is doing in visits. They ask to see the other’s picture from that month and any other past pictures even if they have seen them before. The brothers always want to know when their next visit will be, even if they have just visited with each other.


"I like playing with the other kids in the house and love visiting with my brother, David. I like to make others laugh and I like being silly."

Daniel is a friendly, energetic, talkative, and charismatic child. He is described as very caring and loving. Daniel enjoys making others laugh and is a comedian. He likes playing with his race car toys, Spiderman action figures, and board games. He also enjoys watching children’s shows on television. Daniel also enjoys playing outside with other children in the home. He enjoys helping out around the home as well. He does well with male figures and looks up to his foster dad. He continues to practice verbalizing his emotions in a healthy and positive manner. He also continues to improve his reaction in situations where he disagrees.


"I love to do puzzles and put Legos together. I like wearing my Captain America costume!"

David can be shy when first meeting someone, but once he feels comfortable, he will open up. He is friendly and energetic at times. David enjoys playing with his action figure toys and enjoys putting puzzles together. David also likes to play on the playground and will follow the lead of other kids, he likes to observe what they are playing before joining in on the fun. David loves homework and will ask his teacher for daily homework to practices his handwriting and alphabet. When a new routine is introduced, repetition is key for David to be successful. He is always the first one to offer to help out around the home. He enjoys the praise and positive attention he receives by helping. David continues to practice verbalizing his emotions in a healthy manner. He will continue to build on his healthy coping skills to assist him in challenging situations.

David and Daniel will do well in a two parent household where they are the youngest children in the home. They need a family who is patient, understanding, nurturing, structured, firm, and consistent. Their family will continue to nurture their sibling relationship and model good behavior.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services