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Texas Child


I like hunting, video games, hunting, football, animals and the military. I'm very smart, love school, the military and football.

Jimmy is a very sweet and smart boy. He excels in the classroom and loves anything related to history. His specific interest is military history and he would like to be a marine one day. He loves playing outdoors and especially loves sports. He like to play and watch football and basketball. In addition to sports, he loves camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. When he is not outdoors, he likes collecting Magic: The Gathering Cards and playing with his friends. Jimmy loves playing with Legos, video games and working on cars. He has recently developed an interest in drawing and loves superheroes and the Avengers movies. He can get caught up in his emotions and needs some redirection at times. At his previous placement he was enrolled in ROTC which he liked very much.

An ideal home for Jimmy would be one where the parents are very involved and will spend quality time with him and allow him to be a child. They would encourage his interest including sports and the military. He would benefit from a family that is patient and understanding but also holds his accountable for his actions. The family should loves the outdoors and doing outdoor activities like hiking, camping, hunting and fishing. He would love a family with animals and a younger siblings or two.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services