Amoni, Elise and  Hannah
Amoni, Elise and  Hannah Amoni, Elise and  Hannah Amoni, Elise and  Hannah
  • Names:
    Amoni, Elise and Hannah
  • Ages:
    15, 14 and 12
  • Genders:
    Female, Female and Female
  • Bulletin#

Florida Children


Meet Amoni, Elise, and Hannah!

Amoni is a kind and caring young lady. She is self- aware, thoughtful and loves being a big sister. Amoni likes to dance and enjoys school. She has a good head on her shoulders, allowing her to avoid conflicts and make good decisions. She enjoys eating pizza and her favorite color is green. When she is ready to have fun Amoni, likes to dance and go out with friends and family. When asked how she would like to change the world, her reply was to help others. She wishes that her super power could be Invisibility. One of her hidden talents is that she is skilled at playing the flute and trumpet. Amoni is also naturally very stylish. Amoni would like her forever family be active and kind hearted.

Elise is smart, spunky, and loves to joke around! Her outgoing personality makes her the center of attention. She is easy going and enjoys most foods and also likes animals. Elise is passionate about art, gymnastics, and band. She feels that she could use art as a way to help the world. When asked what her super power would be, she replied flying! Like her siblings, she would like her forever family to be active and willing to explore.

Hannah is a sweet, funny and a kind girl who likes to make a statement with her style and bright colors! She enjoys most foods and loves everything related to emojis. Hannah truly loves sports like her siblings and excels at gymnastics. For fun, she enjoys singing and watching movies. Her wish for the world is to help others. If she could have a super power it would be X-ray vision. Hannah is open to a loving family where she could receive attention and be able to continue her love for sports. 

The children have siblings in the area with whom contact will need to be maintained.  Potential families should consider their ability to maintain these important relationships.