Daylon, Jeremih, Antonio and  Amere
Daylon, Jeremih, Antonio and  Amere Daylon, Jeremih, Antonio and  Amere Daylon, Jeremih, Antonio and  Amere Daylon, Jeremih, Antonio and  Amere
  • Names:
    Daylon, Jeremih, Antonio and Amere
  • Ages:
    6, 4, 2 and 0
  • Genders:
    Male, Male, Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
    African American
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


"We are Daylon, Jeremih, Antonio and Amere. We are active little boys who like to play outside, inside, with toys, or without toys! We are very creative and can turn anything into fun play. We hate time outs! We love food!"

Daylon, Jeremih, Antonio, and Amere are active boys, beaming with joy, talent, and hope. They are so bonded to each other, it's visible to anyone who sees them together. They are young and eager to learn, experience, and engage with life. Daylon, Jeremih, Antonio, and Amere enjoy little things in life, such as playing outside in the yard with the trees and bugs, as well as playing inside, with or without toys! They are very creative and can turn anything into play. The attention that they receive really gets them going! The boys love attention! They can be redirected without difficulty because they really dislike time outs and removal of privileges. They highly value their play time. Mealtimes are the most important time of the day in the little guys' minds! They show a lot of interest in physical activities and may pick up a sport or two. Daylon is the oldest and the silliest of them. He loves to make faces and he loves to make his siblings laugh. Jeremih is the second and he thinks that he is in charge. Antonio is the copycat of the group and he copies everything he sees Daylon and Jeremih doing. Amere is the most observant of them all. He sits there, following everybody around the room with his gaze and he will soon be walking then running right along his brothers. Together they form the cutest little sibling group around. These four are very enthusiastic about everything.

 "I am an active child, let's play! I like to come up with games of all sorts and I make the rules. I love to make faces. I always look forward to meal times."

Daylon is bright, spontaneous, outgoing, and he has so much energy. He is a handsome and strong boy who likes to play hard, either outside or inside. He loves to make silly faces and it is really hard to snap a photo of him without him distorting his face some funny way. He appreciates food! He likes to interact with adults and seeks adult attention by teasing. Daylon enjoys and does well in school; he loves his teacher, the cafeteria lady, his principal, and all the learning. Daylon is very polite and cooperative. He is very easy-going and can be redirected without any difficulty. Daylon is very personable and gets along with anyone, any age.


"I like to think I am the oldest! I love the attention you can give me. I don't want to stop my play so I am going to fix my behavior before you put me in time out. My favorite subject at school is lunch time."

Jeremih likes to think he is the oldest even though he is not. He likes to be the one in charge and the one who gives his siblings instructions. Jeremih likes to play with others and enjoys receiving attention; however he engages in typical sibling squabbles with his brothers at times. Jeremih dislikes time outs and removal of privileges and frequently responds to redirection with a mere warning in order to avoid being put in time out or not allowed to do the things his brothers get to do. Jeremih loves school. He is in speech therapy to assist him in articulating his needs better when he becomes frustrated. He is making so much improvement. He loves food! Jeremih is very affectionate.

"I'm a fun little toddler. I like to do what my brothers are doing. I don't like to stop my play time to be in time out when I misbehave, so I will fix my behavior instead. I love food!"

Antonio is a bright and spontaneous child who is and full of joy. He loves to emulate everything his older brothers do. Antonio follows the older boys around and engages in their play. He may be small but he is strong. He wishes he was like his siblings and got to go to school, so he likes to play with his educational toys at home. Antonio responds well to redirection. He loves to play with or without toys. Antonio is affectionate and loving, and especially loves to give hugs. He does not like it when things are not as he would like, but he will cooperate when he is helped to understand the consequences. He has a very good sense of humor. He loves food!


 "I'm a friendly baby, I love to see you smile. I want to play too. I love my sleep!"

Amere is a friendly infant with the most gorgeous smile. He is extremely aware of his surroundings and wants to be included in whatever activity is going on. He looks for people's faces and gifts those who lock eyes with him with the most gorgeous grin! He tries to engage in the brothers’ play and loves being in the midst of the fun and games. Amere is meeting all his developmental milestones without any issues and is becoming mobile. He loves being held, but only as long as there is nothing else interesting going on around him. He is very affectionate. Amere loves his sleep. He, too, loves to eat.

Daylon, Jeremih, Antonio, and Amere are very bonded to each other. They will do well in a two parent home, with parents who are consistent and have structure to offer, especially with meal times. Their parents will be patient and provide the boys with praise when they do something well and consistent re-direction when they break a rule. Daylon, Jeremih, Antonio, and Amere need a family that is active or will encourage them to participate in activities that will use some of their tremendous amount of physical energy.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.