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Texas Child


"I get along with others and enjoy being with them, but I also enjoy having "me" time."

Carolyn is very social yet shy at first meetings and starts to open up more when she gets comfortable. It is very easy for Carolyn to make friends. She loves to play the flute and enjoys drawing. She also likes to play old video games like Pac Man and Mario bros. Her favorite food is Japanese noodles but she likes almost everything. She likes to play the flute and practice at her foster home. Her favorite subjects in school are science and art. Her least favorite subject is math. Carolyn does well in school academically. Carolyn benefits from supportive services for the times when she feels frustrated or angry. Carolyn is open in expressing her feelings. She will talk to you in detail. She is a teenage girl who desires to encounter a sense of belonging. 

Carolyn would like to have a family and get adopted. She needs a family will nurture her needs. Carolyn will enjoy and benefit from having a parent who will spend quality one on one time with her. She needs a parent who encourages her to continue with her music lessons since this is useful as a coping skills mechanism. Carolyn will do well if she is the youngest of a group of siblings. She also do well if she is the only child at home. Carolyn tends to bond quickly and gets anxious when expecting something that was promised to her. Carolyn needs a family who will be clear with expectations, structure, and routine. Her family needs to be patient and understanding of her needs and past.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.