Roy, Matthew and  Aiyden
Roy, Matthew and  Aiyden Roy, Matthew and  Aiyden Roy, Matthew and  Aiyden Roy, Matthew and  Aiyden
  • Names:
    Roy, Matthew and Aiyden
  • Ages:
    10, 8 and 6
  • Genders:
    Male, Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


"We love to play outside and we are looking for parents to play with us."

It is our pleasure to introduce Roy, Matthew and Aiyden. These boys are beaming with charisma and their hearts are full of hopes and dreams. The love they share with each other is strong. These three athletes share a bond that is apparent to anyone who sees them together. These guys are looking forward to growing up in a family who will help them take off into adulthood with all the magnificence they can muster. Roy, Matthew and Aiyden love anything with wheels or remotes, sports, and animals. 


"I want a family who loves me a lot and hope their other kids enjoy being active like me."

Please meet Roy. He sometimes likes to go by his nickname "Little Roy." He is an active youth who loves to play almost any sport. His favorite pet is a dog and his favorite wild animal is the great ape. Roy hopes to one day have a dog of his own. Some of his other favorite things to do are play video games, watch movies, and ride four-wheelers. Roy also finds joy in playing with remote-controlled cars and helicopters. He just loves to be outside doing any type of activity. Roy likes to go to church and really loves attending children's ministry events.

Roy's forever family will be an active family who will find joy and contentment in participating in their children's sports and other extra-curricular activities. His parents will thoroughly enjoy being outside and doing many types of activities with their sons. Roy's forever parents will also understand that he has often filled the parental role for his younger brothers and it make take him a while to trust that his new parents can fully meet the needs of his little brothers. Once this trust is established, Roy's family will allow him to "just be a kid" and encourage him to explore his interests. Roy's parents will also introduce him to new experiences to help him find his special interests and skills.

"I am a happy boy who makes friends easily."

Say hello to Matthew, the middle brother. He is full of energy and has never met a stranger. He is creative and enjoys hopping, boxing, and collecting pencils. Matthew enjoys remote control toys, especially remote control helicopters and cranes. When he is not playing with those toys, he may be playing on the computer, swimming, or riding four-wheelers. Matthew, like many boys, enjoys eating. His favorite foods are chicken, apples, and bananas. When he is in school his favorite classes are math, computers, and physical education. Matthew likes to surround himself with people who make him laugh. When he is spending time with his friends he likes to play with helicopters. Matthew really delights in working and playing with computers and video games. He also enjoys baseball, scouts, fishing, attending church, and riding bikes. Matthew said if he had a wish it would be to have his own American Flag.

Matthew will do well with a family who offers patience and consistency. A family who will commit to Matthew and his brothers and provide them a nurturing, stable home where he can explore his interests will be most beneficial. Matthew’s family will be active because he and his brothers enjoy being outside and riding anything with a motor. Matthew's family will help him learn from his mistakes. He is sensitive to failure but he thrives in a structured environment with clear rules and expectations. He likes to know where you are and wants to spend time talking with you or helping you with a project. Matthew needs simplified instructions and a family who will encourage his progress with positive words of encouragement.

"I would like for my family to have a big yard and pets."

With much excitement, please meet Aiyden, the youngest brother of the group. Aiyden positively loves to ride his bicycle and play in the mud. His favorite toys are his blocks, bicycle, and garbage truck. One day, Aiyden would like to go to space! At school, Aiyden finds the most joy in recess, science, and reading. Aiyden loves to play with his older brothers and his favorite games are hide-and-seek and cops and robbers. One thing that makes Aiyden laugh is when he is tickled! Other things that make Aiyden happy are doing arts and crafts, playing baseball, going camping, fishing martial arts, playing with animals, playing soccer, and writing.

Aiyden is aware of his situation and desires to be adopted. He wants to feel safe, loved unconditionally, and accepted. Aiyden wants his adoptive family to provide him with positive reinforcement. He will be most successful as the youngest child. His forever parents will be able to give him individual attention and attention as a part of the family as a group. Aiyden’s family will be firm with him when needed. His family will also be able to balance their firm parenting with the occasional indulgence in a new toy. His parents will provide guidance, love, and structure to Aiyden to help him through childhood and into adolescence.


Roy, Matthew, and Aiyden’s family will be a family who will encourage Roy to be a kid and let the adults take care of him and his brothers. His family will teach him to trust that they have his brothers' best interests at heart and show him that they love them all and will keep his brothers safe. Roy, Matthew, and Aiyden’s forever parents will have patience with Matthew while he exercises his independence and exploration of the rules. Roy, Matthew and Aiyden’s forever parents will enjoy hiking, camping, swimming, fishing and also willing to take time to create arts or crafts together. Roy, Matthew and Aiyden will be the most successful as the youngest children in the home or in a family who already has adult children who no longer live at home.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services