Thiry and  Madelyn
Thiry and  Madelyn Thiry and  Madelyn
  • Names:
    Thiry and Madelyn
  • Ages:
    8 and 1
  • Genders:
    Female and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Oregon Children

Meet Thiry and Madelyn!

To have their unique needs met and to preserve their connection to their Native American Ancestry, the girls are seeking a skilled Native/Tribal family where they can be adopted together.


Thiry is a social and happy girl. She is slim with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She lost many baby teeth so her sweet smile shows her anticipation for her adult teeth to appear. Thiry loves puzzles, playdough, and balls. She loves the movie Frozen,  Minnie Mouse and Goonies. Thiry likes to play outside, riding bikes or playing with bubbles. She loves to eat chicken tacos, vegetables, hardboiled egg, and cereal.

Thiry loves to make friends and connect with those around her. She can be confused by social norms and needs considerable assistance in guidance of her social interactions and boundaries. Thiry has lots of energy and needs direction in helping her focus on tasks.
Thiry loves school, especially the daily structure of her school day, and she receives additional supports to help her be successful. Her family will need to support ongoing preventative measures to assist in managing a medical condition. Thiry benefits from a great deal of supervision to help her understand safety in the community and with others. 

Thiry loves to help and enjoys chores such as sweeping. While needs additional reminders and consistent structure, she desires to please those around her. She does not require a lot of discipline, but redirection, reminders and patience are a necessity when parenting Thiry.


Madelyn is a smiley, happy and engaging baby. She is just-turned-one and already a social butterfly. Madelyn wants to be friends with everyone who interacts with her. Madelyn is petite and has brown hair and brown eyes. She makes great eye contact and is curious about her environment. Madelyn likes to be held. She likes to dance and bounce. She enjoys cruising around in her walker. Madelyn is saying a few words and babbling.

Madelyn’s development is being monitored through an Early Intervention program in a number of areas and will need to continue to attend appointments. In addition, her weight is monitored closely by her doctor due to her small stature. Madelyn will need an attentive caregiver that can anticipate her needs as Madelyn does not give traditional cues of her needs. For example, Madelyn will not cry when she is hungry or experiences discomfort.  Although she is very laidback by nature, Madelyn needs a caregiver who can set strict feeding schedules, including night feedings. Madelyn is showing signs of healthy attachment with caregivers. Madelyn is exploring new foods, specifically baby food. Her favorites are any fruits.

Thiry and Madelyn have not had the opportunity to live together previously, however they visit each other weekly. Thiry describes Madelyn as her best friend. The agency is looking for a forever home in which the girls can be together. They also need a family without any other children, or only much older children at most.

Thiry and Madelyn are past family connections which are important and which will need to be maintained. They are both eligible for enrollment in the Muscogee Creek Nation. Because the girls would benefit from a home that can teach them about their heritage and ensure they are connected to cultural events and traditions, they will need a highly capable Tribal family with the ability to adapt and educate themselves as more is learned about the girls' specialized needs.