Malachi and  Michael
Malachi and  Michael Malachi and  Michael Malachi and  Michael
  • Names:
    Malachi and Michael
  • Ages:
    16 and 15
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


We love sports and want our parents to also love sports.

Introducing Malachi and Michael; two brothers passionate about sports! They both love to play basketball and football, while Malachi also likes to play baseball. The brothers enjoy talking about their favorite teams and sports figures with each other, and naturally, choosing teams that are rivals just to get under the other brother's skin. It is all good-natured fun and helps to strengthen their brotherly bond. While the brothers are close, they often differ on their vision of being adopted and each will adjust differently to a new family. Malachi and Michael are good students in school, but Malachi in particular needs extra guidance and encouragement to turn in assignments and make good choices.

I love the LA Lakers and I have 12 pairs of sneakers!

Malachi is a vocal youth who never makes you guess what is on his mind. He is also protective of his little brother Michael. Malachi enjoys spending time with people for whom he cares. Malachi is a sweet and charming youth. He has excellent manners and wants to please the adults for whom he cares. He is polite and usually has a smile on his face. He does well in school but is easily influenced by his peers to make poor decisions at times. He enjoys interacting with others and is fun to be around. Malachi loves, and excels at sports. Last year he participated in football, basketball, and baseball. Malachi loves to watch these sports on TV and in person as much as he loves to play them himself. He can be very competitive, but is happy whether he wins or loses. He enjoys participating in family activities both inside and outside. Malachi is also a self-professed shoe lover. He claims to have over 12 pairs of sneakers. Malachi would love to play basketball for the University of California, Los Angeles or Texas A&M University. He dreams of playing in the National Basketball Association one day.

Malachi's forever family will be one who is outgoing and passionate about sports. This shared passion will allow the seeds of attachment to grow with Malachi. Malachi's family will also provide him with strong guidance and structure to teach him how to make good decisions and not allow him to be influenced by his peers. His parents will also have patience with him and his little brother Michael, as they both have different opinions of adoption and their futures. Malachi has big dreams and his forever parents will push and encourage him to work hard to make his dreams a reality. His family will be an advocate for him and his education and be willing to make sure Malachi brings home his assignments and pays attention in class. He will be most successful with a strong male role model.

I like basketball and football, and my favorite player is Kevin Durant.

Michael, who goes by Mikey, is a very loving and intelligent youth who enjoys positive interaction with others at home or as part of community activities or events. He loves to laugh with others. Mikey does well with a routine and follows a daily schedule without problems. He does well at sports and can be very competitive. Last year he participated in basketball and football. He does not give up and strives to do his best. Attending basketball and football camps in the off-season is important to him. In addition to playing basketball and football, he also loves to watch them on TV and in person. He and his brother often talk about their favorite players and teams, usually choosing rivals as their favorites. Mikey can be outspoken at times and has a strong bond with his brother, Malachi. He expresses his love for his brother through typical sibling rivalries and competing in sports. He also likes to draw and finds pleasure in expressing his emotions through his artwork. Mikey is quiet when you first meet him, but when he warms up to you he will be just fine. Mikey is very capable of doing well academically and enjoys spending time with his friends at school. His favorite subject in school is math and favorite color is black. Mikey enjoys playing sports video games such as Madden, FIFA, MLB the Show, and NBA games. Some of the foods he enjoys most are carrots, corn, chicken, Buffalo wings, pizza, and hamburgers.

Mikey's forever family will understand his strong bond with his brother and be sensitive to how he feels about other significant relationships. His family will be outgoing and passionate about sports as that will plant the seeds of bonding and attachment for Mikey. His ideal family will be patient with Mikey as he explores his feelings, thoughts, and fears about adoption. Mikey's parents will recognize his unique abilities and encourage him to achieve his goals and give his all to the activities he chooses. Mikey's forever family will help him stay motivated in school and encourage him to bring his homework home and complete his assignments.

Malachi and Michael's family will be one who is driven, structured, and nurturing. The ideal family will be patient, as each brother will take his own time to adjust to a new home. The brothers need a family who is willing to play ball with them and attend their sports events. It will mean the world to these boys for their forever dad to be their number one fan at their games and to help them practice and develop their skills. Malachi especially desires for his parents to help him achieve his goal of playing basketball in college. The brothers' forever parents will also be willing and able to be strong role models for them; teaching them to make good choices and choosing friends who will not pressure them to make bad decisions.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services