Christopher Christopher
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Texas Child


I like to play with my Legos, go to the park, watch movies, and want to be a fire fighter.

Christopher is a loving youth who enjoys playing with Legos, video games, and having outdoor fun. More than anything, Christopher has a special love for firefighters and desires to be a fireman in the future. He has had the opportunity to impress firefighters with his knowledge of fire trucks. Christopher is full of tenacity to overcome any challenges he may have. He has some difficulties with his speech, but he clearly understands what is being said to him and easily engages in conversations with peers and adults. Christopher has a sweet heart. He benefits from patience of those around him and close supervision in social environments. With the help of supportive services, Christopher continues to progress and learn ways to help manage and redirect his behaviors in more positive and productive manners.

Christopher truly desires to be adopted and will thrive in a patient, nurturing, and carefully supervised forever home. Christopher’s ideal family will embrace and encourage him to achieve his goals and provide him with unconditional love, structure, and consistency. Although Christopher is an adaptable child who has engaged in various social settings, he loves one-on-one time and responds well in smaller social environments. Christopher’s family will ensure he has quality time and provide him a safe place that allows him to be himself. A family for Christopher will advocate for resources that are beneficial to his interest and needs.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services