Kayla, Emmalee and  Nicholas
Kayla, Emmalee and  Nicholas Kayla, Emmalee and  Nicholas Kayla, Emmalee and  Nicholas Kayla, Emmalee and  Nicholas
  • Names:
    Kayla, Emmalee and Nicholas
  • Ages:
    17, 14 and 12
  • Genders:
    Female, Female and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Child

We are Kayla, Emmalee, and Nick; three bright stars, shooting for success!

Kayla, Emmalee, and Nicholas are a sibling group of three who want to be adopted together. These children are very easy-going, wonderful, intelligent, funny, and balanced children who want to be loved. Kayla is the oldest child. She is highly intelligent and driven to succeed. She has made the superintendent's list the last two semesters. This summer she is traveling for the National Leadership Camp that is an initiation only event. Emmalee is a talented artist who competes in choir competitions. She is gifted also with drawing and painting. Emmalee is known for her witty sense of humor and as Nicholas says "she cracks me up like an egg". Nicholas is all boy. He loves all sports but his favorite is soccer. He can’t wait to see his name and soccer number on the back of a minivan or SUV. They all have a great sense of humor and an easy-going outlook on their life.

My name is Kayla and I want to be a doctor, I'm looking to transplant my heart with the right family.

Kayla is a sweet girl with an open heart ready for her adoption journey to begin. She is a very bright and friendly girl who is very protective of her younger siblings. Kayla is a cooperative, affectionate, and easygoing person. She sets an excellent example and a high bar for her siblings academically. She likes to further her knowledge base through books on history. Kayla excels in an environment where she knows the rules and what is expected of her. She is driven, ambitious, and has created a path to achieve her goals. She hopes to one day hear the title of doctor followed by her name. She gets along well with everyone and is a real joy to be around. She likes animals and would love to go on long walks on the beach. She has never been but heard it is really nice.

Kayla is open to families of all different kinds. She feels as though love has no labels and love is love as long as it’s genuine. Kayla likes to be on the go, so an active family is preferred. Family togetherness is important to Kayla and she would love to explore and grow in her close knit forever family. Kayla desires a loving family who is defined by their close nature and care for one another. Kayla loves animals and would love to have a family pet, particularly a dog, but is open to a family pet of any sort, even a turtle. Kayla needs a loving family who will be there to guide her throughout her life. She needs parents who will advocate and cheer her on while she achieves all her educational goals.

I'm Emmalee and as a budding artist I try to find beauty in all I see and hope to one day see a family portrait in my future.

Emmalee is an energetic girl with a wonderful sense of humor and a positive outlook on life. She is a remarkable youth, usually very positive and taking things in stride. She is very excited about being adopted together with her brother and sister. Emmalee is open to living near the beach where she can be inspired by the beauty of the ocean for her art work. Emmalee has a great sense of humor and keeps her siblings laughing. She usually does well in school but at times needs a little encouragement to complete assignments or homework. She loves to attend school functions and do things with her friends and her siblings. Emmalee is a delightful girl who wants to be part of all things. Emmalee enjoys attending church and being part of a youth group.

Emmalee is open to being adopted by any type of family. When asked what she would like in a family she said, "I want a family that is bonded." The ideal family will be very active in doing things as a family unit, from game night to trips. She prefers to be adopted into a family who lives near the beach and will love her and her siblings. Emmalee will do best in a family that not only loves her but can provide her with stability and will be there for her and her siblings. She likes opportunities to be active and enjoy things and wants a family where she can experience trips and adventures. She says she has never had a memorable adventure. Emmalee wants a family who will love her, through good and bad. When asked what she would like in a family she said, "I want a family that is bonded."

I am Nicholas and I am looking for a family who will be as on-the-go as me.

Nicholas is a happy, talkative child with a wonderful smile who loves to tell you all the things he likes and what activities are his favorites. He loves playing all different sports and prefers to do these kind of activities with someone else. He is a very active boy. He loves Legos and can play with them and build things for hours. Nicolas also enjoys playing video games. He loves playing at the park or other outdoor activities. He is the youngest of his older siblings but is close to both of his sister’s and wants to be adopted with them. Nicholas is bright and can catch on to things quickly. He does well in school and in the home.

Nicholas prefers a two-parent family who will provide him with unconditional love, structure, and a nurturing environment. The ideal family will be very active in doing things as a family unit, from game night to trips. Nicholas is open to a family who lives in the country and has dogs. He will do best in a family that not only loves him but can provide him with stability and will be there for him and his sisters. Nicholas is a very engaging, intelligent, loving youngster who needs time to trust and bond with his forever family.

Kayla, Emmalee, and Nicholas want to be adopted by a two-parent family. They prefer to be the only children in the home or, if there are children, that they are older. Kayla would like a family who will be supportive of her as she transitions to adulthood and pursues her dream of becoming a doctor. Emmalee wants to be loved and given opportunities to explore her future. She would love the opportunity to cultivate her natural artistic gift. Nicholas wants a family who does things together and supports him at his sporting events. The ideal family will be very active in doing things as a family unit, from game night to trips to sporting events in the park. They are open to living in different areas but are partial to Texas as that is their home state. They would like a family who has pets – each child has an idea of what type of family pet is best but they do all agree that they would love to have pets. The ideal family will be understanding and accepting of the dynamics and challenges that may arise from adopting older children. All the children want a family who will love them, through good times and bad. They are hoping to find a wonderful family together.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services