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Texas Child

"I like to talk. I am Superman."

Louis is a child who likes to be on the go. He enjoys playing with his toys, outdoors, and likes many of the super heroes. Spiderman tends to be his favorite and he often imitates the character. He likes talking about his dreams and imaginations. He relates well with others, especially trusted adults in his life. Louis can become quite upset when things do not go as he envisions or on the timeline he prefers. He is easily redirected, calms down quickly, and holds no grudges. Louis has an acute memory; he does not forget easily, his experiences nor promises made to him. He believes in the trusted adults in his life and holds dear, their words to him. Louis does well academically.

A family for Louis will be one that can relate to high energy level, short attention span, and the need for frequent redirection. The family will be consistent and persistent in providing for Louis’ every need. The ideal family will be willing and able to cater to Louis’ energy level through pro-social activities. He needs a home with structure and he does well with repetition. The family will recognize and acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of the child and work with him on increasing his strengths, improving his weaknesses in order to grow into his destined lot in life. Louis has a twin who is not part of this adoption.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services