Jeremiah Jeremiah
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    African American
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Florida Child

Jeremiah is a sweet, loving, adorable little boy who will make you smile with his personality, looks and positive energy he puts out. Jeremiah is active, smart, observant, fun, interactive, playful and creative with ways to entertain himself and others. His favorite television show is the Mickey Mouse Club House. He enjoys the outdoors and really loves to go for walks. He would love to do more outdoor exploring and begin new adventures. Jeremiah likes to play at the park and enjoys playing with educational toys and blocks. Jeremiah enjoys playing with other children and interacts really well with others. Jeremiah is thriving like a flower in the sun with good soil and the perfect amount of water. Jeremiah will need a family who is able to help him to continue to thrive, love him unconditionally, be there for him attending to all his basic and medical needs. He needs love from a forever family. Jeremiah is AWESOME and would love to share his awesomeness, Could you be the right family? Reach out and find out more about Jeremiah and see if you could be a match for this incredible kid!!!