Jamal and  Mikira
Jamal and  Mikira Jamal and  Mikira
  • Names:
    Jamal and Mikira
  • Ages:
    17 and 16
  • Genders:
    Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
    African American
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


We like to socialize with others and are happy people. We would like to find our forever family.

Jamal and Mikira are a sibling who are very attached to one another. They close in age and enjoy each other’s company. They get along well, look out for each other, and are protective of one another. Family is important to both Jamal and Mikira and they are able to develop healthy relationships with other people. They want, very much, to be adopted together. Mikira is an outgoing and friendly teenager. Jamal is also friendly and spontaneous, but quieter than Mikira. Both children enjoy cooking together. They both enjoy attending church and choir as well as attending and participating in community events. Jamal and Mikira like going on outings and socializing with others.

Jamal and Mikira will benefit from ongoing stability and a daily routine in a structured home with clear rules, expectations, and consequences. A patient and understanding family will also benefit the children, as they are not always forthcoming about the emotions they experience. A family who will can be actively involved in the children’s academics will be helpful to them both.


I am a social person. I enjoy skateboarding, dancing, and reading. Funny things make me laugh.

Jamal is a bold and daring youth. He is very bonded with his sister, Mikira, with whom he will be adopted. He is able to effectively communicate his thoughts and feelings to others. Jamal can be very helpful around the house and assists with chores and meal preparation, which he enjoys. He also enjoys reading, dancing, playing video games, Boy Scouts, socializing with his friends, skateboarding, and other outdoor activities. His favorite foods are pie, pizza, and burgers. His favorite class at school is swimming. Jamal enjoys community activities, which continue to strengthen his social skills. Jamal has voiced interest in attending college and/or joining the military. He is also interested in securing employment in the near future.

Jamal will benefit from a very structured home that has clear rules and expectations. A family who will be academically involved will be beneficial, as Jamal needs frequent encouragement to complete his school assignments. Jamal needs a patient and understanding family to help meet his full potential.


I am smart, kind, and loving. I am a happy person.

Mikira is a sweet and friendly youth and can be spontaneous at times. She is able to communicate effectively with others. Mikira is very close to her brother and has stated that family is important to her. Mikira enjoys shopping, social media, movies, TV, coloring, fashion, and interacting with her peers. Her favorite class at school is science. She would like to start participating in dance again. Mikira is helpful around the home and assists with meal preparation and other chores such as laundry and cleaning. She is responsible for managing and budgeting her own allowance. Mikira is interested in securing employment in the near future.

Mikira will benefit from being placed with a patient and understanding family. She will do best with firm limits and clear boundaries so that she understands what is expected of her. A stable and structured home with consistency will do well for Mikira; combined with a loving and nurturing environment.


Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services