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Texas Child

I am very outgoing and warm up easily to people. I enjoy sports and chess and love to be challenged intellectually by other smart individuals.

Zacharie is outgoing and warms up easily to other people. He makes friends easily and gets along well with other teenagers and his peers. He enjoys social media and likes to surf the internet. Zacharie's favorite subject in school is history and he likes to talk about things he has learned. Zacharie loves to play football, basketball, chess, and enjoys family outings. He also likes to be challenged intellectually by other individuals who are as knowledgeable as him. Zacharie responds well to positive praise and consistency. He requires structure, attention, love, and a consistent, nurturing home environment. Zacharie is able to follow a daily routine and requires age appropriate supervision and attention.

Zacharie will benefit from a home with caregivers who enjoy family outings and sports. He requires love, patience, and structure. Zacharie will do best with children in the home around his same age.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services