Sir Alex
Sir Alex
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    Sir Alex
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Texas Child


"I enjoying playing video games and my favorite subject in school is science."

Sir Alex is a boy who enjoys spending one-on-one time with trusted adults. He also interacts best with peers in very small groups or on a one-to-one basis with a peer who shares similar interests. His verbal communication skills are good and he enjoys having conversations with adults on a variety of topics. He is also appropriately affectionate with his trusted adult caregivers. He is very expressive verbally and is able to communicate his feelings and wishes. He usually uses very polite manners and respectful vocabulary. His verbal communication is also an effective coping mechanism that he uses when he is experiencing behavioral and emotional challenges. In school, Sir Alex’s favorite subjects are math and science. He also enjoys participating in school activities including history and science fairs, and the annual Christmas program. Sir Alex has made significant progress in learning to express his emotions and deal with his behavioral challenges, if they arise, in the home and school setting. During his leisure time Sir Alex likes to play with electronics and computer based games, action figures, and construction building sets. Sir Alex likes to play Minecraft and board games with adults and peers, and watch age appropriate movies and cartoons at home. He likes family outings to go shopping, to the movies, out to eat, going to church and youth Bible study. He also likes other recreational time such as swimming, walking for exercise, visiting animals at the pet store and nearby farm animals at his residence. Sir Alex has a good appetite and he is learning to focus on healthy eating habits. He has a structured daily routine in his current home and school, which includes sharing in chores and caring for his toys, bedroom, and clothing. While he can sometimes have behavioral and emotional issues, or occasionally not follow directions or rules, he can self-correct using his coping skills and also is very responsive to adult guidance and requests for correct behavior.

Sir Alex prefers a single female parent home and he has also requested a family who will maintain his culture. He will, however, do well in a two parent household where both parents are supportive, calm, patient, and loving. Sir Alex would like to have a parent who will share his interests and will take him on family outings. He will do very well as the only child in the home. He could also benefit from having an older mature responsible sibling in the home. Sir Alex needs a loving stable family who will be able to provide not only for his basic needs, but also support and guide him by providing for his social, emotional, recreational and educational needs. It is important to him that his parents will advocate for him, support his education, and be there to provide consistent guidance and a safe loving home as he matures as well as support him throughout adulthood.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services