Jade and  Julie
Jade and  Julie Jade and  Julie Jade and  Julie
  • Names:
    Jade and Julie
  • Ages:
    18 and 16
  • Genders:
    Female and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


"We are different but love each other the same and we hope our forever family does too."

Jade and Julie are uniquely bonded sisters who are opposites in their interests and personalities, but those differences are what binds them together. While Jade is the happiest shopping or getting her nails done, Julie would prefer to be outside getting dirty riding four-wheelers or playing ball. Each sister needs encouragement and guidance on their schoolwork to maintain their grades. Jade is much more "girly" than her sister and would do best in a family where at least one parent shares some of her interests. Likewise for Julie, she would be happiest sharing some interests and activities with at least one parent. Jade has found that she loves to take photographs and would like to pursue it as a career. Julie is still searching for her special hobby or interest that she may like to pursue as a career.

"I'm a girly girl, and I love the country lifestyle!"

Jade is an outgoing youth. She enjoys make-up, photography, and art. She has the stirrings of a great leader with her peers and with a structured and loving environment, she will easily fine-tune her leadership skills. Jade performs well overall in school and benefits from caregivers who help keep her on task when completing school work and encourage her to further her educational career past high school. Jade has a lot of love to offer her forever family. After graduating from high school, Jade would like to go on to photography school to learn to be a professional photographer or photo journalist. Her desire is a career in art and photography.

Jade will be successful in a family with clear rules and expectations. She prefers that she and her sister are the only children still residing at home. Jade will thrive in an environment that will nurture and guide her through her teen years and into adulthood. Jade's family will encourage and support her to achieve her dreams and celebrate with Jade when she accomplishes her goals. Jade prefers to live a country lifestyle. Her family will allow her the time she needs to adjust and feel comfortable as a member of the family. It will help Jade to feel that she is a part of the family by including her in family activities and chores, such as projects around the house or to help decorate.

"I like to be outside and playing sports. I would love to go on a camping trip one day!"

Julie has an easy-going personality and loves all things outdoors. She wishes to go camping one day! Julie can be shy when first meeting someone and she is slow to warm up, but once you get to know her you will quickly learn that she is comical and a big nurturer. Julie states that she does like school but needs extra help staying on task throughout the day. Her favorite subjects in school include math, P.E., and lunch, so she can socialize with her friends. Julie is involved with her church youth group and enjoys going on outings with the church. Julie enjoys watching movies that range from comedy to suspense. She also loves to be outdoors playing sports or riding four-wheelers or side-by-sides.

Julie will be most successful with a family who is patient and accepting of her and who will allow her the opportunity to discover her true passions in life. She would love to socialize with her family sitting around a campfire or bonfire sharing stories and enjoying each other's company. Julie's family will offer structure and guidance through her teenage years so she may be equipped with good decision making skills when she enters adulthood. Her forever family will be firm yet loving. Julie prefers that she and her sister are the only children still living at home. She would like to remain in a country setting as this is where she feels most like herself. Julie would like to remain with her sister Jade.

Jade and Julie's forever family will be patient and accepting of their two very unique personalities. Their family will celebrate the sisters' differences while cultivating their similarities to help them continue to build their strong sibling bond. The sisters' parents will allow each of them to explore activities that allow them to find their interests and skills. Julie prefers to play sports while Jade is happiest going to the mall or taking photographs. A family who is able to provide an environment where both of their personalities can flourish will be the most successful for the girls.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services