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Texas Child


"Let's be a family!"


Trinity is an outgoing youth who enjoys playing with dolls, dressing up in girly clothing, dancing and listening to music. Trinity has a fun and, oftentimes, bold demeanor. She has a big personality and is full of life and energy. Trinity craves attention and enjoys being the center of anything that is going on around her. She has difficulty focusing on tasks and acts before thinking at times. Trinity is working on learning better ways to be cooperative with her peers and caregivers. She performs better in small groups but requires frequent prompts and lots of patience.  Trinity will be a delightful edition to a family.



Trinity will do well with a family who has experience in dealing with children. She needs a family with patience and understanding and who will provide a safe place for her to grow emotionally. Trinity tends to thrive in a home that is predictable and structured. She is aware of her situation and desires to be adopted. The ideal family for Trinity is one who will provide unconditional love and always encourage her to explore her gifts and help her through the tough times.



Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services