Railynn and  Annalisa
Railynn and  Annalisa Railynn and  Annalisa
  • Names:
    Railynn and Annalisa
  • Ages:
    14 and 12
  • Genders:
    Female and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


"We want to be adopted together because we love each other a lot!"

Railynn and Annalisa are sisters who share a lot in common. They have similar interests and are close in age. They dream about living together with their own family soon. While each girl is unique they both love the outdoors, playing, talking, shopping, and dreaming about their futures. Together the girls enjoy playing games and doing activities. Annalisa, the youngest is more reserved and takes pride in showing respect and being kind to others. She is a loving child who will appreciate stability. Having an opportunity to talk brings peace to Annalisa. Railynn, the oldest child is filled with energy. She, like her sister is kind but can also be described as spirited and a risk taker. Initially she is shy around new people but once she gets to know you, she will be a long-time friend. She is craving attention from a stable family. A structured family who is active can help meet her need for stability.

"I am shy but once I get to know you, I feel better. I try my very best to have good behavior. I am very nice!"

Railynn loves life, people, gymnastics, dancing, and cheer! She is shy and giggles when she is nervous but once rapport is established she will share her feelings. Railynn likes to play board games and eat enchiladas and tacos. Working with pottery is something she hopes to be able to do in the future. Jokes and funny television shows on Disney are some of the things that make her laugh. She benefits from tutoring to help her with her academics. She enjoys being outdoors and is able to release energy with physical activity. Railynn likes to listen to music to relax and a family who can help her trust and feel safe will be awesome.

Railynn is thrilled to have the opportunity to live with a forever family. She would love to have her own room one day and a place to call “home.” A family who understands trauma and can help Railynn know that there are new possibilities for sharing. Trust and unconditional love are important to her. Railynn dreams of having a dog one day so a family who is open to pets will be great.

"I am a kind, generous person who loves all people I meet. I can be shy."

Annalisa is a sweet child who loves going to school and participating in cheer. She takes pride in doing well and maintaining her A/B honor roll status. She is well spoken and converses well with others. Dressing nicely is very important to Annalisa. She is able to demonstrate respect, control, and kindness to others. She likes to attend church. Annalisa is looking forward to having a permanent family and establishing long time friendships with peers in school. She is quietly confident in her abilities and has a super star smile to match her beautiful personality. Annalisa is going to bring great joy to her adoptive family.

Annalisa desires to be adopted with her sister so it is most important to locate a family who is able to meet both of their needs. She wants to be a part of a family unit that includes a mother and father. Annalisa prefers a family who is interested in helping her continue in her extracurricular activities such as cheerleading. She hopes her family will have the time to take her to practice and watch her performances. A family who has energy and likes to do things outdoors such as hiking and camping would be great. She also envisions her family eating meals together, going to the movies, and having game nights.

Railynn and Annalisa are seeking an adoptive family who has room in their homes and hearts for two girls! They hope their family enjoys being active and can keep them busy. Family time together is very important to them. They want to eat dinner together and do other things such as see movies, go camping, and enjoy the outdoors as a family. Their picture of family includes a mom and a dad in Texas. The girls wish to continue being involved in cheer-leading and hope their family will share their excitement for this sport.

Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.