Larry Larry Larry
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    African American
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Texas Child


"I love being outside, shopping, and having fun."

Larry is a quiet teen who generally keeps to himself. He likes football and has a strong passion to be a part of a team. Like many children his age, Larry likes to play computer games, listen to music, and talk on the phone. He is learning ways to develop his skills and wants to learn new things. His favorite classes in school are math, reading, and science. Larry is also learning new ways to stay calm under pressure. He is a great youth and knows how to interact with others in an appropriate manner. Larry does well with redirection. He loves his sister, who is not a part of this adoption.

Larry needs a stable, consistent, and nurturing family with whom he can develop trust and understanding. Larry will do well in a home where established rules, boundaries, and expectations are clearly defined. The best family for Larry will be able to spend quality time with him alone and be willing to be there for him to openly communicate his feelings. Larry's family will need to possess patience with him as well as provide him with productive feedback regarding behaviors and allow him to provide input with respect to what may work for him.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.