Julius, Gregory and  Careline
Julius, Gregory and  Careline Julius, Gregory and  Careline Julius, Gregory and  Careline Julius, Gregory and  Careline Julius, Gregory and  Careline Julius, Gregory and  Careline Julius, Gregory and  Careline
  • Names:
    Julius, Gregory and Careline
  • Ages:
    14, 13 and 10
  • Genders:
    Male, Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


Hello, we are awaiting our forever family who would enjoy watching us play sports and be involved in everything we enjoy.

Julius, Gregory, and Careline are very active children. Julius enjoys playing football, being in the band and ballroom dancing. Gregory enjoys playing basketball and would like to join the football team next year. Careline is not old enough to play sports yet but she does plan on being active. Julius, Gregory, and Careline interact well together. Julius and Careline have a close relationship and enjoy the same things while Gregory has different interests. Julius does play the big brother role and watches out for his sister more so than Gregory. Careline is the shy one out of the three and looks up to her oldest brother for support and guidance. Gregory loves all kinds of sports and is up to a challenge, he enjoys doing his own thing and is not a follower. Over all Julius, Gregory, and Careline share an extraordinary love for one another and are looking for a forever family.

Hi, my name is Julius and I enjoy sports, band, and ballroom dancing. I enjoy spending my time with my foster family and siblings.

Julius is a friendly teen who is outgoing at home and at school. He is a well behaved, caring, and respectful. Julius does participate in after school activates such as, trombone in band, he joined the football team, and enjoys ballroom dancing. Julius will join in every after school activity in which he is allowed to participate. Julius has made the A team in both playing the trombone and in the football team. He has a bright future ahead of him and is an outstanding youth and full of heart and dedication. Julius is independent however, like many teens, he does need to be reminded to complete his daily chores. Julius enjoys playing video games at home in his down time. Overall Julius is a well-rounded youth who follows his dreams.

Julius will do well in a family that is active and willing to support his extracurricular activities. He will benefit from a family that is able to guide him through school into college. A family that is open to sibling groups will be great for Julius.

Hi, my name is Gregory and I enjoy all kinds of sports and fishing. I enjoy spending my time with my foster family at the lake.

Gregory is a rambunctious child who is full of energy. He enjoys playing basketball at home and would like to join the team at school in the future. Gregory, like his brother, enjoys participating in every after school activity in which he is allowed to participate. He is guarded about his feelings and will take time for him to open up. Gregory does place himself in situations where he need some cooling time and then he is able to interact just. He enjoys fishing and is learning how to prepare fish he catches. Gregory does go fishing once a week and is able to catch some good fish. He does need constant reminders about his chores. Gregory enjoys listening to music and being outdoors playing at home to pass his time.

Gregory will do great with a family who will commit and allow him to reach his goals. He enjoys sports and would like for his future family to allow him to participate in extracurricular activities. Gregory is aware of his situation and desires to be adopted with his siblings.

Hi, my name is Careline and I enjoy being creative and enjoy playing with my dolls.

Careline enjoys playing with her toys and is attached to her plush dolls, with which she sleeps. She has a dollhouse which has different functions and will play pretend with other peers. Careline enjoys watching cartoons and playing with her DS game system. She also enjoys spending time with her pets and helps her current caregivers care for them. Careline can be very rambunctious, energetic, and social with her peers and current caregivers. She likes exploring her surroundings and the way things work. Careline is loving and stays positive about her future, she can be helpful and enjoys playing the teacher role with others in the home.

Careline wants a family who will be able to work with her needs. She would like a family that is willing to adopt her along with her brothers. Since Careline is one of the youngest, Careline will do well with a family where she will be the youngest.


Julius, Gregory, and Careline will do best with an active family who is willing to keep them involved in extracurricular activities. They need a family who is committed in keeping them together and guiding them through their transitions. Julius, Gregory, and Careline would like to be adopted together and want a family who will support their sibling bond. They will do well in a home with younger children. Julius, Gregory, and Careline are ready to have a forever family will be committed to all of them and give them individual time.




Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services