Daisy, Jhoefe and  Eduardo
  • Names:
    Daisy, Jhoefe and Eduardo
  • Ages:
    12, 9 and 7
  • Genders:
    Female, Male and Male
  • Bulletin#

California Children

Daisy has a real love of numbers and enjoys solving math problems. Daisy enjoys playing soccer, swimming, and loves home cooked meals. Daisy’s warm smile and gentle, calm personality can bring warmth to anyone’s home. 

Jhoefe (Juanito) is a sweet and energetic young boy, He enjoys playing with toys and can play for hours.

Eduardo loves to stop and smell the roses and was enchanted by the lush beauty of the botanical garden at the Play! Exhibition. Eduardo loves flowers and climbing trees. Eduardo has a big appreciation for nature and hopes to find a family with a backyard that has a garden and trees, so he can run and play with his siblings. Daisy is bashful, soft spoken and has a coy smile.

Daisy expressed that her ideal parents would be nice, caring and enjoy taking them to places such as museums, parks and the beach. Daisy wishes for a family that would provide a calm, relaxing, and playful home environment for her and her brothers.