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California Child

Nathan is the sweetest, most genuine and giving little boy. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and a big heart it is! His endearing smile and kindness are always seen. His eyes are the first thing you notice, a beautiful hazel color and full of love and light. Nathan loves to share. He was happily eating cheese crackers and reached his hand out to the other kids and offered them a snack too. He didn’t care if that meant he wouldn't get one, because he truly is a giver by nature.

Nathan has some special challenges and a medical condition that limits his contact with the sun. These challenges don’t slow him down and instead are part of what makes Nathan so special and adorable. He loves to hold your hand and keep those he knows and trusts close by. He can get a bit overwhelmed with lots of noise and activity but does perfectly once he is in a quieter environment. He will happily hug you to show he cares and will provide any family lucky enough to adopt Nathan with an endless supply of love and playful energy.