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California Child

Neila is a wonderful girl who finds joy in her creativity through art. Neila said she loves to take photos edit them using different apps. She can mesh video and photo media together to create mini-movies and short clips. When Neila is not making movies or taking pictures, she loves to create with her hands via painting, drawing and crafting. This helps Neila as it is a productive outlet for her feelings. Neila also loves a good rom-com movie, there are so many good ones that she could not choose a favorite! She is proud of her Latin heritage and proudly showed off pictures of her Quinceanera. Neila primarily speaks Spanish but speaks English as a second language. Neila deserves a family that will be loving and open to supporting her throughout her life. Neila would like to be the only child in the family as she craves 1:1 attention and support. She has had many let downs in life but she still maintains hope that there is a family out there who can love her unconditionally.