Quadarrius and  Adrionna
  • Names:
    Quadarrius and Adrionna
  • Ages:
    12 and 9
  • Genders:
    Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
    African American
  • Bulletin#

Georgia Child

Quadarrius and Adrionna, are sweet  siblings who enjoy spending time together.

Quadarrius is a loving and affectionate boy who enjoys pushing his trucks and playing in the yard. He also enjoys listening to all types of music, which has a calming effect on him. Quadarrius has been diagnosed with autism and is non-verbal. His adoptive family will need to support him as he learns how to communicate verbally and/or by pointing to things that he wants or needs.

Adrionna is a nice, shy, quiet and bashful child who is happiest when she is around those who love and care about her. She enjoys drawing, reading, riding her bike, and watching Disney movies. Adrionna also enjoys playing with her dolls, painting her nails, playing with her tea set, and dressing up. At school, she is a well-behaved student who earns good grades, likes her teachers, gets along well with the other kids, and enjoys learning about math. Adrionna wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Quadarrius and Adrionna need a loving and patient adoptive family who will provide them with the attention, structure, support and encouragement they need to continue to thrive and achieve their goals. Their family will also need to support their need for ongoing therapy.