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    African American
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Maryland Child

Alexander, who prefers to be called Alex, is a young man who enjoys participating in sports, being outside, and playing with electronics. Alex always has a smile on his face and is very friendly. He is a bright teenager who recently expressed an interest in photography, and he has discovered that he enjoys taking photos and reviewing pictures. Alex has birth siblings, and in particular has very strong bonds with two of his brothers. He wants to be adopted into a family that will ensure that he can continue to enjoy the relationships he has with his birth siblings. Most of all, Alex wants a “nice family and to love somewhere forever.”

Alex has a brother one year younger, Anthony, who he is not currently placed with but whom he would like to be adopted with. An ideal family for Anthony and Alex would include a household with parent(s) who offer a safe, structured, and loving home environment. Should a family not be willing to adopt both boys, the Department is seeking families that would ensure their sibling connection would remain.