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Texas Child

Brenda is a precious youth who is sweet, kind, and caring. She has a huge, compassionate and giving heart. Brenda's contagious laugh and sparkle in her eyes reflect the genuine kindness in her soul. She is a joy to be around and is extremely articulate in communicating. Brenda's needs are few, but the desire of her heart has been, and continues to be, finding a peaceful forever family. She is easy to love and a blessing to share life with. Brenda is very creative and likes to design her own bedroom and do other creative projects around the home. She likes to be helpful and do active things with her family, such as cooking together.


Brenda desires a family who will love her, accept her, support her, encourage her, and help guide her to make good decisions so she can reach her full potential. She will do well in a home with loving parents who have supportive and protective capacities. She needs a family open to letting her be creative with the design of her bedroom and other small creative projects around the home. She likes to be helpful, so a family that does things together like cooking is perfect for her!

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.