Alante and  Keosha
Alante and  Keosha Alante and  Keosha Alante and  Keosha Alante and  Keosha Alante and  Keosha Alante and  Keosha Alante and  Keosha Alante and  Keosha
  • Names:
    Alante and Keosha
  • Ages:
    17 and 14
  • Genders:
    Female and Female
  • Ethnicity:
    African American
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


"We want to grow in our faith and with our forever family."

Alante and Keosha are sweet and funny young ladies. They don't agree on clothing, style or music, but they can agree that they both want a loving family. Alante and Keosha both love music and love to dance. They are very bonded and love to talk on the phone and spend time with each other. These two young ladies each have such a unique sense of humor and they are their most happy when they are making others smile and laugh. Both of these young ladies show strength in advocating for themselves and are not shy speaking up about injustices towards others. The ability to love is strong. Alante does well in school and is already thinking about college and her future. She loves anything science related. Keosha is a very active girl who likes to stay busy and does well with a consistent routine. She likes to ride her bicycle and go for walks. She loves spending time with her siblings and going to church. Alante and Keosha would like a Christian family who will be active in church. They very much want a family to care for and love them.


"The Chronicles of Alante: The Search for a Forever Family"

Alante is our scholar. She can often be found with her head in the clouds, far off in the Twilight world. Alante has a vivid imagination and loves to immerse herself in reading. She is happiest when allowed to explore all the different worlds through books. Alante has a contagious smile and an irresistible twinkle in her eye. Alante also likes to explore her "girlie" side. She loves to play with make-up, different hair styles and jewelry. Alante can be shy initially but thrives with one on one attention. She is very bonded with her younger sister, Keosha. Alante has an excellent voice and enjoys singing. She loves church and being able to grow in her faith. Alante loves animals and considers herself a "dog person". Alante has extended family and wants to be able to stay in contact with them once she is adopted.

Alante needs a family who will engage her mind and heart. She is very intelligent and will need to have encouragement and support to continue on her academic journey. Alante is very excited about finding her forever family and beginning this chapter in her life. She would love to have a family who will allow her to be a child as she still sometimes sees herself in a parental role with her younger sister. Alante will benefit from a loving family who can set boundaries and provide her with plenty of structure, love, and nurturing. Alante's church life and faith are very important to her. She would ask for a family who shares her values. Alante would also love a family that will allow her to remain in contact with other siblings who are not part of this adoption.

"Abracadabra! It's the magic time for my forever family to find me!"

Keosha is a very friendly child who knows what she wants. Sometimes Keosha thinks faster than she can talk and she becomes frustrated when she cannot express herself. However, when caregivers are patient with her she will relax and most of her sentences are worth the wait. Keosha is the younger sister in her group and is inquisitive and curious and not afraid to express her thoughts and opinions. She likes to have things go the way she envisions and needs assistance in dealing with her emotions when upset. Keosha enjoys being outside and riding her bike. She can be a bit of a tomboy but does occasionally indulge her "girlie" side with her sister Alante. Keosha has a mischievous grin and easy laugh. She longs for a time when she will have a mom and dad all her own. Keosha is also bonded to extended family and would love to be able to stay in contact with the extended family.

Keosha is always on the go and needs a family who can keep up with her. She would love a family with pets as she does love animals. Keosha will benefit from a family who will promote a structured and consistent atmosphere. The family needs to be loving, nurturing, and patient while Keosha adjusts to a new home. Keosha will benefit from a family who will encourage her to seek out new hobbies and interests. Keosha needs guidance to learn appropriate boundaries and she will need to clearly understand the rules in the home. Keosha would love a forever family who will allow her to pursue her interests as well as explore new horizons. She would also love a family who will allow her to remain in contact with older siblings who are not part of this adoption.

Alante and Keosha will likely do best in a two parent family. They both believe that they can flourish in a home where they are encouraged to attend and participate in church. They want a family with the same values they possess. The ideal family will have experience raising children. Alante and Keosha need a family who is committed to them as well as their bond. An active family will be great for these two, not only to encourage them to meet their potential but push them to try new things. The most important thing to Alante and Keosha is to be loved, accepted, and wanted. Alante and Keosha require patience and understanding as well parents who will work through things with them. Trust is something that must be built and earned with these two sisters. They would like a family who will allow them to continue contact with their other siblings who are not part of this adoption.

Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.