Gilbert and  Olivia
Gilbert and  Olivia Gilbert and  Olivia Gilbert and  Olivia Gilbert and  Olivia
  • Names:
    Gilbert and Olivia
  • Ages:
    14 and 11
  • Genders:
    Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


"We are loving siblings who are looking for a family to love and care for us."

Gilbert and Olivia have a good sibling relationship. They enjoy being together and doing things together. The siblings seem to grow closer as time passes. Gilbert and Olivia play well together and like to participate in various activities together. Gilbert is the older of the two siblings. He likes model cars, football, and action figures. Olivia is the younger of the two siblings. She is a very charming little girl with a bubbly personality. Olivia enjoys playing with her Barbie dolls and watching cartoons. She has a smile that will brighten any room. It is important to them that they remain together.

"I like model cars, action figures, and football."

Gilbert is a very energetic and talkative child. He likes model cars, action figures, and football. Gilbert enjoys going on outings. One of Gilbert's favorite places to go is Incredible Pizza. His favorite foods are pizza, cheese burgers, French fries, and sloppy Joes. He enjoys playing football, basketball, and video games in his spare time. Gilbert expressed "Need for Speed" and "John Madden Football" are a couple of his favorite video games. His favorite classes in school are Math, PE, and Art. Gilbert sometimes gets off task in class when he's distracted, however he is able to get back on track with some encouragement. Gilbert has some difficulty taking responsibility for his actions at times. He is able to accept redirection when necessary and does well at expressing himself verbally. Gilbert is knowledgeable of appropriate and inappropriate behaviors. Gilbert enjoys laughing and having fun. When asked what makes him laugh, he said his older sister and his friends. Gilbert enjoys spending time with his sister. He gets along with his peer group as well as others outside his peer group. Gilbert desires to have a successful life in the future and his future is promising provided he receives the love, nurturing, and support that he needs from a family. Gilbert will be a wonderful addition to any family.


"I am beautiful the way I am."

Olivia is a very charming girl with a bubbly personality. She loves doing things typical of girls her age such as watching cartoons, playing with her Barbie dolls, and having movie night. Olivia's favorite cartoons to watch are Sponge Bob and Peppa Pig. Upon meeting Olivia, she is warm and has no problem opening up to you. She loves giving hugs and has a smile that will brighten any room. She plays well with other children, but at times, she likes to have her own way. Olivia can become sassy and outspoken. Her favorite class in school is science. Olivia's favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, pizza, boudin, chicken nuggets, and etouffee. Olivia's favorite toys are Barbie dolls, stuffed animals, and her bunny rabbit. She enjoys watching soccer. Olivia's favorite activities are dancing, singing, and playing. She enjoys going on outings and going out to eat. She desires to have a successful life in the future and her future is promising provided she receives the love, nurturing, and support that every child needs. Olivia will be a wonderful addition to any family who is looking to adopt a sibling group.


Gilbert and Olivia need a family who is able to meet the children where they are and who is willing to work with them to meet their needs. They need a family who is patient, loving, nurturing, understanding, and willing to help them as they transition to their forever family. The ideal family will be an outgoing family, one that is active and likes to engage in outdoor and family-oriented activities to keep the children busy and introduce them to new things. Gilbert and Olivia will benefit from a family who has a well-structured home environment with clear boundaries. They will do best in a family with strong role models, and would like a family who models and praises good behavior in a loving, caring home environment. A two parent home will be best for Gilbert and Olivia. They are in need of a family who will provide them with structure and guidance on a daily basis.

Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.