Online Child Matching Event

Testimonials From Participating Social Workers

What do Social Workers think of our Online Matching Events?

"As a recruiter I like AFFEC's online match events as it allows me to address questions from potential families in real time. Written profiles can't possibly capture all the questions potential families may come up with. It also allows me a chance to advocate for my kids and convey the relationships I've developed with them in a way profiles can't."

-Courtney Angeles
Specialized Adoption Recruiter
Wendy's Wonderful Kids &
Children's Home Society of WA


"I found the online matching events through A Family For Every Child to be an easy way to increase interest in the longest waiting children on my caseload. After presenting a handful of children in both the match events I participated in, I received at least five home studies from interested families that I would not have received otherwise."

-Melanie Schmidt
Wendy's Wonderful Kids Recruiter
Children Awaiting Parents


"I enjoy the online match parities because it gives workers the opportunity to spotlight our kids in a good way!"

-Whitney Banks
Wendy's Wonderful Kids Adoption Recruiter


"We hosted the very first online matching events here in Washington State! We presented 8-9 of our most challenging youth; all had been legally free for adoption for over two years and in foster care for over five years! We were so thrilled to receive a dozen or more home studies to consider for these special kids! AFFEC has only continued to refine the process to make it easy and fun for our social workers as well as effective as a tool for recruiting those special families!"

-Laurie Mayer
DSHS Children's Administration
Program Manager, Region 2
Adoption & Permanency Planning


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