Online Child Matching Event

Testimonials From Participating Families

What do families think of our Online Matching Events?

"I liked being able to hear specifics about the children rather then just reading a paragraph, and being able to ask questions or have other ask questions that I might not of thought of at that moment"

– Attendee from September 5, 2012 Matching Event, Oregon

"Loved the questions, the in-depth knowledge about each child that was presented. That it was straightforward information and not "sugar-coated".

– Attendee from September 5, 2012 Matching Event, Washington

"Our favorite part of the webinar was being able to hear directly from the case workers who know the children best. It was wonderful to be able to get to know the children beyond their online profiles."

– Attendee from September 5, 2012 Matching Event, Pennsylvania

"Very informational. Was a nice way to meet the kids. It was nice to hear from people who know them rather then just get a brief paragraph about them. You are given a chance to hear about their real personalities and learn their behaviors as well. You get to see if they are a true match for your life and family."

– Attendee from August 22, 2012 Matching Event, Virginia


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