Online Family Matching Event

For Presenting Social Workers

Step 1

Identify a child or children that you think would benefit from extra recruitment efforts and are available for adoption with families nationwide.

Step 2

Connect with Recruitment Coordinator to identify next available time.

Step 3

Make sure each child or sibling group has a variety of good photos. It is also extremely beneficial if each child has a video and or audio having them describe some of their favorite things and activities.

Step 4

Prepare for questions that families might ask during the webinar. Review the child's case files and identify what the child needs in a forever family. It is also important that workers share the strengths of the children along with their struggles. If possible find the contact information for others in the child's life such as a CASA, mentor, or a foster parent who cares for them. A Family For Every Child can coordinate with these individuals to also participate in the webinar.

Step 5

Schedule a practice event in order to test audio and ensure that the event goes smoothly the day of.

Step 6

On the day and time of the event simply log on from your office computer and be prepared to discuss the child you are working with. All log on instructions and information will be sent to you a few days prior to the event. *During the event families can type as many questions as they would like to better gain if the child would be a good fit for their family.

Step 7

Families will have the opportunity to submit their homestudy directly after the webinar has ended. Please be prepared to follow up with those families and discuss with them if they are a good potential match for a child or why they might not be the best fit for that child.

A Family For Every Child We average around 40 families attending our events. This is a unique and innovative way to share information about waiting children to the many families nationwide that are searching for children they can be forever families for. If you have further questions or would like to feature your child in our next event please contact us.

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