For Presenting Families

Step 1

Join our matching assistance program. This program is free to any home study approved families and has many perks to assisting you through the adoption journey! We would like all families that we feature in our Family Matching Events to be part of our matching assistance program. This is suggested but not limited to. All families must be home study approved.

Step 2

Contact the Recruitment Coordinator for openings in future events and to reserve your spot.

Step 3

Send 3-8 pictures of your family. This could include any children, family members, activities that you like to do, or anything important to your family. The more pictures that we have of your family the better!

Step 4

Our family matching events are structured question answer style with the opportunity to share additional information. The questions you will be asked are as follows:
  • Tell me about you and your spouse, such as where you're from and what you do for a living. Please elaborate on each of your professions.
  • What are your children like? If you do not have any children, please elaborate on various close relationships you've had with children (i.e. nieces,nephews, god children, etc)
  • Please share some of your favorite family activities.
  • Do you have any trainings, certificates, or additional experience that you think is pertinent to adopting form foster care? Please share.
  • Tell us what your strengths as an adoptive parent would be?
  • What type of children would best fit with your family?
  • Can you share a personal anecdote or story about your family?
  • Do you have any family traditions that are special to you and your family?
  • What is your favorite thing about your family?
  • Anything else you'd like to share about you and your family?

Due to the limited time that the social workers have, if answers are too long it is possible that we won't be able to get through all questions.

Step 5

Schedule a practice event in order to test audio and ensure that the
event goes smoothly the day of.

Step 6

On the day and time of the event simply log on from your office computer or home computer and be prepared to discuss the questions listed above. All log on instructions and information will be sent to you a few days prior to the event. *During the event social workers can type as many questions as they would like to better gain if their children would be a good fit for your family.

Step 7

After the matching event is finished social workers can then request to look over your home study and will be in contact with you if they feel that you would be a good fit for a child on their caseload!

If you would like to present your family at a Family Matching Event, please contact our coordinator,,