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Upcoming Matching Events

2023 Matching Event Schedule

*All Matching Events will begin at 11:00 am Pacific Time
**Times/Dates subject to change

How does it work?

Online Matching Events utilize easy, simple and accessible technology to portray foster children in a professional and aesthetically pleasing manner. We use several photos of the child to portray their everyday life, personality and activities. The social worker presents a slide show for every family that has interest in the child.

What types of programs do we use?

We use Microsoft Word PowerPoint to highlight the children, where we arrange the presentation in a very professional and useful way. Then we bring the social workers and families together through an online webinar (similar to Skype) and both parties view the PowerPoint that is facilitated by A Family For Every Child.

Why these events are very useful...

A Family For Every Child's Online Matching Events are becoming increasingly popular, and are especially helpful for children in foster care that have a harder time finding a forever family. Families are much more likely to become interested in a child after they've seen pictures and videos that represent the child's personality, and after they've heard about the child's behaviors directly from one of the people that knows the child the best; their social worker. Additionally the Family Matching Events allow social workers to ask questions to find our specific important information saving them time before reviewing an entire home study. Being a presenter in a family matching event is useful for the families because each social worker represents many children that a family could be possibly matched with.

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To request presenting at a Child Matching Event (for Social Workers) or at a Family Matching Event (for families) please email our coordinator at