Children Needing Mentors

The following articles describe children for whom we are currently seeking mentors. To protect the children from negative attention, we have changed the photos and names of the children.

Brett, Age 13 Last Updated September 28, 2020
Brett is an outgoing Eugene area 13-year-old looking for a mentor who isn’t afraid to be silly! He likes to be active: playing basketball, riding his bike, and hitting up the skate park. Brett is looking for a male mentor who enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, sledding, tubing and camping. If that sounds like you, reach out today and apply to be Brett’s mentor!

Brock, Age 14 Last Updated December 3, 2020
A 14-year-old in the Eugene area, Brock enjoys playing sports like basketball, soccer, and football. He'd like a mentor who can help him with his math and reading homework, but who's also up for some outdoor adventures like tag, riding scooters, (when he gets older, he hopes to be a professional "scooterer") and even parkour!

For a change of pace, Brock also enjoys watching YouTube and wants to learn how to edit his own videos, so a tech-savvy mentor would be a good fit. If Brock is someone you can see yourself mentoring, apply today!

Xandria, Age 8 Last Updated August 27, 2020
Xandria's an 8-year-old living in the Springfield area. She's an adventurous girl who enjoys rollerblading, wants to try hoverboarding, and learn a gymnastics front walkover. Xandria likes to spend lots of time with friends--having sleepovers, talking, and playing chase. She would like her mentor to take her to the beach, the movies (her current favorite is the Addams Family!), and help her with homework.

If you'd like to mentor Xandria, apply today!

Sawyer, Age 11 Last Updated August 27, 2020
Meet Sawyer, an energetic 11-year-old in the Eugene area. He loves to be active, whether it’s PE at school, or playing sports like basketball, football, and soccer. When he’s not playing, he also likes to draw and watch cartoons or sports movies. Sawyer would like a mentor who can help with his science homework. If you play the piano and can teach him, that would be a nice bonus!

If Sawyer sounds like a match for you, apply today to mentor him!

Mallory, Age 14 Last Updated February 27, 2020
Mallory is an animal-loving 14-year-old who lives in Springfield. She is extremely resourceful and can make a craft out of just about anything. She likes to make new animals out of origami and loves to go horseback riding. When Mallory gets older she would love to be a vet, but for now, she would love to learn more about cooking and sewing. Mallory would benefit the most from a mentor who can nurture her broad interests and spend quality one-on-one time with her. If you think Mallory sounds like a blast, apply to become her mentor today!

Tanner, Age 10 Last Updated October 29, 2020
Tanner is a 10 year-old living in the Springfield area. He’s a sports lover who enjoys baseball and especially football. He even hopes to become an NFL player when he grows up! He also spends time playing video games like Fortnite and Madden. Tanner would love a mentor who could teach him some track and field skills like hurdles and high jump, take him on a fishing trip, or to try out a demolition room.

If you and Tanner sound like a perfect match, apply today!

Bella, Age 8 Last Updated October 29, 2020
A 8-year-old girl in the Cottage Grove area, Bella enjoys lots of outdoor activities like climbing trees, building forts, swimming, and horseback riding. She’s also interested in gymnastics and wants to learn how to do flips, so she’ll need a mentor with lots of energy to keep up with her! A good fit for Bella is a woman who shares her family's Christian faith. (And who will ideally do makeovers and take her to DQ!)

Lamont, Age 9 Last Updated February 27, 2020
Meet Lamont, a sweet 8-year-old who lives in the Eugene area. He loves to watch baseball, basketball, football, and hockey and hopes to play each of them! Lamont has lots of imagination and is a big fan of playing in the park and rock collecting. He also likes to slow down and play board games. Some of his favorites include Battleship, Candyland, and Clue. If you’re an animal lover, you might bond with Lamont. (He especially loves cats!)

If you and Lamont sound like a perfect pair, apply to mentor him today!

Jon, Age 7 Last Updated December 3, 2020
Jon is a 7-year-old ball of energy who lives in the Eugene area. He's looking for a male mentor who enjoys being active--playing sports, chase, or hide and seek! When he slows down, Jon also likes playing video games and would like to learn how to make paper airplanes. He wants to be an "ice cream maker" when he grows up, and he'd love to go out for ice cream with his mentor!

Jackson, Age 10 Last Updated October 29, 2020
An active 10-year-old, Jackson loves to be outdoors and play sports like football and soccer. As you can see, he LOVES all things dirt biking and would be excited to attend a race. Jackson is a boy who knows what he wants--he requested a male mentor who's exactly 26 years old. (But he's willing to be flexible about age!) He'd love to go see an adventure movie, try the trampoline park, or go for a hike with his mentor.

Ariana, Age 12 Last Updated October 2, 2020
Ariana is a creative, outgoing 12-year-old living in the Eugene area. She likes to get outside for picnics, swimming, rock hunting, picking flowers, or coloring with sidewalk chalk. Ariana brings her artistic tendencies inside too: she enjoys art class at school and drawing at home. She’d like a mentor in her 20-30s who’s up for helping with homework, going to the park, and visiting museums. If you’re an avid cook, know American Sign Language, or play the drums, or you’re great with a yo-yo, you might be a perfect fit for Ariana--she wants to learn all of those skills!

If you and Ariana sound like a good match, apply now to mentor her!

Gina, Age 17 Last Updated July 29, 2020
Meet Gina, an outgoing 17-year-old based in the Eugene area looking for a mentor who is supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. She enjoys time in nature, whether it’s hiking to a river, visiting the beach, or just hanging out at the park with her friends. A woman who enjoys “girly” activities would be a perfect fit for Gina--she’d like to go shopping or for mani pedis with her mentor--and she wouldn’t mind if you stopped for her favorite, Mexican food!

If Gina sounds like a match for you, apply to mentor her today!

Natalie, Age 13 Last Updated December 8, 2020
Meet Natalie, a creative 13-year-old based in Eugene. She enjoys all sorts of arts and crafts like decorating her room, drawing, and making “slime”. She also stays active with things like horseback riding, gymnastics, and swimming. Natalie winds down by watching superhero TV shows and Tik Tok videos. She’d love a mentor who wants to join in on all of her favorite activities.

If that sounds like you, apply now to be Natalie’s mentor!

Quinton, Age 12 Last Updated May 8, 2020
Meet Quinton, an inquisitive Eugene-based 12-year old. He likes to read--Diary of a Wimpy Kid and R.L. Stine books are his favorites. He enjoys being outdoors and playing any game that involves running. Quinton also plays football, following in the steps of his favorite team, the Seahawks. Quinton would like his mentor to take him to the arcade, or to try out Get Air trampoline park!

If Quinton sounds like your perfect match, apply now to mentor him!

Katy, Age 13 Last Updated February 27, 2020
Meet Katy, a 13-year-old who resides in the Springfield area. She enjoys watching comedies, theatre, and running by the river. Katy like to try some new things with her mentor like rock climbing and dance, or a familiar favorite like shopping or sharing a plate of sushi. If you can share some hair and make-up tips and tricks with her, all the better!

If that sounds like you, apply today to mentor Katy!

Bryan , Age 6 Last Updated December 3, 2020
Bryan is a 6-year-old in southern Lane County who wants to be a fire chief when he grows up. He loves being outside--walking dogs, biking, hiking, and camping, so a mentor who enjoys the outdoors would be a great fit! For indoor activities, Bryan likes reading and enjoys cartoons and superheroes--especially Spider-Man! A musically-inclined mentor could also help him fulfill his desire to learn the guitar.

Corbin, Age 10 Last Updated December 3, 2020
Corbin is a sweet 10-year-old who lives in the Eugene area. Corbin can be a little quiet at first, but get him talking about video games and he can't stop! He has lots of interests he'd like his mentor to join him in--playing drums, hiking outdoors, and visiting the video game area at the mall. Corbin’s family has lots of pets so being an animal-loving mentor is a must!

Deb, Age 13 Last Updated December 3, 2020
Based in Junction City, 13-year-old Deb loves to head into downtown Eugene, explore, shop, and grab some pizza at her favorite restaurant, Sizzle Pie! She’d also be excited to stay in and play board games or try her hand at crafts like making friendship bracelets. She enjoys taking photos, so her mentor might need to work on their selfie game!

Stuart, Age 14 Last Updated September 8, 2020
Meet Stuart, a 14-year-old boy in the Eugene area. He enjoys reading, cooking, and gaming of all sorts, whether it’s video games or chess and Scrabble. Stuart’s a great student (especially science!) but he wouldn’t mind some help with homework. A mentor who has experience working with people with Autism would be a great fit for Stuart.

If that sounds like you, apply to mentor Stuart today!

Easton, Age 7 Last Updated February 27, 2020
Meet Easton, a creative 7-year-old who lives in the Springfield area. Easton likes to be out and about doing activities like the Adventure Museum and Science Factory. At home, he enjoys art, board games, and having someone read to him. Easton wants a mentor who will help him learn to tie his shoes, teach him to swim, and do art projects with him!

If this sounds like you, apply to be Easton’s mentor today!

Beatrice, Age 14 Last Updated July 28, 2020
Meet Beatrice, a 14-year-old girl living in Springfield. She has a broad range of interests including robotics at school, dance, and gymnastics, and she'd like to be a beautician when she grows up. She enjoys relaxing at home with a board game or heading outdoors for camping, swimming, and hiking. Things she'd like to do with her mentor include ice skating and baking. A Spanish-speaking mentor would be a nice bonus, as Beatrice would like to become fluent!

Ursula, Age 14 Last Updated August 27, 2020
Meet Ursula! She's a bright, outgoing 14-year-old living in the Springfield area. She enjoys math in school, and spends her free time watching tv or playing sports like basketball and soccer with friends. Ursula also likes to sing, dance, and plays the cello. A mentor who's up for lots of activity and wants to take Ursula out for her favorite food (tacos!) would be a great fit!

Does Ursula sound like a kid you want to invest in? Apply to mentor her now!

Riley, Age 9 Last Updated December 19, 2019
Meet Riley, a shy 9-year-old living in Cottage Grove. She likes to get outdoors to run around or play baseball, and she hopes to learn how to fly a kite soon! She also loves gymnastics and would like to master a backbend. Riley's looking for a patient and caring female mentor who likes to play board games and can help her come out of her shell.

Phil, Age 11 Last Updated September 28, 2020
Phil is a 11-year-old in the Springfield area with a friendly face who loves to be active! He’ll need a male mentor who can keep up playing sports or riding bikes and scooters. If you have a drone he can try out, all the better! When he does slow down, he also enjoys playing chess, checkers, Pokemon and Magic cards, and watching Star Wars and Marvel movies.

Shia, Age 12 Last Updated February 27, 2020
Shia is an energetic Eugene area 12-year-old. He absolutely LOVES football, both playing and watching. While he really enjoys getting out and being active, he also has fun playing Xbox, board games like Yahtzee and Sorry, or reading his favorite books: Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Shia would love a mentor that can teach him how to play the guitar and take him to Sea Lion Caves!

If he sounds like the kid for you, apply today to mentor Shia!

Simon, Age 13 Last Updated August 31, 2020
Meet Simon, a Junction City-based 13-year-old. He's looking for a mentor who's accepting of the LGBTQ+ community and is up for all kinds of adventures, both indoor and outdoor! Simon enjoys video games like Call of Duty, sports, (he plays football, baseball, basketball, and lacrosse!) and outdoor adventures like hiking and camping. He'd like to show off his paintballing skills or try ziplining or snowboarding with his mentor.

Olsen, Age 13 Last Updated December 29, 2020
A 13-year-old outdoor enthusiast, Olsen lives in the Eugene area. He enjoys hiking, river floats, swimming, camping, fishing, (he even has his own tackle box and rods!) and would like to try dirt biking and archery. He loves Chinese food but he’ll never say no to Dickie Jo’s! Olsen is a real animal lover and like a mentor who has pets. If that sounds like you, apply today to mentor Olsen!