Children Needing Mentors

The following articles describe children for whom we are currently seeking mentors. To protect the children from negative attention, we have changed the photos and names of the children.

Hannah, Age 6 Last Updated October 31, 2019
Meet Hannah, a sweet 6-year-old in the Springfield area. It's not every day you meet a first grader whose goals in life include learning the violin, becoming a counselor to help kids, and visiting Las Vegas to see Mariah Carey! In the meantime, Hannah enjoys spending time with her friends and family: playing "house", soccer, or cops and robbers. She'd like a mentor who can help with with homework (especially reading, her least favorite subject) and take her out to eat at Denny's or Elmer's.

If you and Hannah sound like a perfect match, apply today to be her mentor!

Timothy, Age 13 Last Updated April 24, 2019
Meet Timothy! He is a thirteen year old boy in the Eugene area. He loves the outdoors and his favorite activities include hiking, fishing, and swimming — with his mentor, he wants to try camping in a tent. When Timothy’s inside, he plays chess and video games like Minecraft. In school, he loves science (which sparked his love for sci-fi movies) and wants to be an architect when he grows up! Timothy is looking for a mentor who is energetic and talkative just like him, as well as helpful. If he sounds like a match for you, apply to be his mentor today!

Eddie, Age 11 Last Updated April 4, 2018
Eddie is an active 11 year old living in the Springfield area. He loves playing basketball, swimming and bike riding. Eddie also loves snow and really wants to learn how to snowboard. He would like a mentor who he could go to sporting events with, play laser tag and go out to eat Italian food with. He loves History but struggles in math and would really like it if his mentor could help him out in that area. Eddie loves the nature and getting outdoors. He would really like a mentor who can big like a big brother to him -- going on adventure and teaching him new things!

Dean, Age 17 Last Updated March 1, 2019
Dean is 17 and lives in the Eugene area. He really enjoys school and there isn’t any subject that he can’t find interesting. He’s not really into sports preferring to read or play video games. Dean is a voracious reader and would like a mentor who loves books too. Dean is more on the shy side and it will take him a little while to open up, but should you choose to mentor him you’ll find that he is an inquisitive young man who loves to learn!

Brock, Age 12 Last Updated October 25, 2019
A 12-year-old in the Eugene area, Brock enjoys playing sports like basketball, soccer, and football. He'd like a mentor who can help him with his math and reading homework, but who's also up for some outdoor adventures like tag, riding scooters, (when he gets older, he hopes to be a professional "scooterer") and even parkour!

For a change of pace, Brock also enjoys watching YouTube and wants to learn how to edit his own videos, so a tech-savvy mentor would be a good fit. If Brock is someone you can see yourself mentoring, apply today!

Xandria, Age 8 Last Updated November 1, 2019
Xandria's an 8-year-old living in the Springfield area. She's an adventurous girl who enjoys rollerblading and wants to try hoverboarding and learn a gymnastics front walkover. Xandria likes to spend lots of time with friends--having sleepovers, talking, and playing chase. She would like her mentor to take her to the beach, the movies (her current favorite is the Addams Family!), and help her with homework.

If you'd like to mentor Xandria, apply today!

Kimberly, Age 7 Last Updated June 4, 2019
Meet Kimberly! She is an intelligent seven year old who enjoys the outdoors. She loves to do art, swim, and play games. Her favorite food is sushi and she enjoys dancing and singing. Her favorite holiday is Halloween and her favorite animal is a unicorn! She is smart and outgoing and wants to find a mentor who is also outgoing and will do activities with her such as gymnastics and swimming. If you think you would be a good mentor match for Kimberly, apply to be her mentor today!

Sawyer, Age 8 Last Updated September 28, 2018
Sawyer is 8 years old and lives in Eugene. He loves playing basketball, football and soccer. His two favorite teams are the Ducks and the Broncos! Sawyer loves to be physically active and his favorite class at school is PE and he is most proud of the fact that he is athletic. He has a little trouble with science and would like a mentor who can help him with his homework. Sawyer would also like to learn how to the play the piano. He wishes it would snow more because he really enjoys playing in it! If you think that you could be a great mentor for Sawyer get in touch today!

Inez, Age 6 Last Updated October 31, 2019
A 6-year-old in Springfield, Inez has lots of different interests! You can find her playing on the monkey bars and swingset with her friends, or indoors with her sisters doing manicures, gymnastics, or playing hide-and-seek. Inez likes animals of all sorts! Her favorites include horses, foxes and owls, and she'd really like a chance to see some sea life by visiting the aquarium. Inez's ideal mentor would be down for a day at the park, a trip to Denny's, or some homework help. If that sounds like you, apply today!

Mallory, Age 13 Last Updated April 30, 2019
Mallory is an animal loving 13-year-old who lives in Springfield. She is extremely resourceful and can make a craft out of just about anything. She likes to make new animals out of origami and loves to go horseback riding. When Mallory gets older she would love to be a vet, but for now, she would love to learn more about cooking and sewing. Mallory would benefit the most from a mentor who can nurture her broad interests and spend quality one-on-one time with her. If you think Mallory sounds like a blast, apply to become her mentor today!

Derrick, Age 13 Last Updated March 1, 2019
Derrick is 13 years old and lives in the Eugene area. Derrick absolutely loves art but has some troubles with math. He would love to have a mentor who can help him with homework. Derrick really enjoys being out in nature and going out to swim. He would love to go rock climbing and would really like to learn how to ride a bike. His favorite movies are the Chucky movies, and he’s a huge fan of horror movies in general . Derrick likes to read would like a mentor who will go to the library with him to explore new books as well as go rollerskating with him. If you’re active and artistic, mentoring Derrick will be a real treat!

Bella, Age 6 Last Updated August 29, 2019
A 6-year-old girl in the Cottage Grove area, Bella enjoys lots of outdoor activities like climbing trees, building forts, swimming, and horseback riding. She’s also interested in gymnastics and wants to learn how to do flips, so she’ll need a mentor with lots of energy to keep up with her! A good fit for Bella is a woman who shares her family's Christian faith. (And who will ideally do makeovers and take her to DQ!)

Lamont, Age 6 Last Updated March 1, 2019
Lamont is 6 years old and lives in the Eugene area. He is a sweet child who loves watching baseball, basketball, football and hockey and would like to try to play each one. Lamont loves animals and has an infectious laugh, which he lets rip when he’s playing at the park (especially the swings!) Lamont likes to go rock collecting loves board games like Battleship, Candyland, Old Maid and Clue. He really enjoys a lot of different kinds of food but don’t try to give him any tomatoes! Lamont is full of imagination and would like to be an astronaut when he gets older. If you love board games, going to park and learning new things, you’d be the perfect mentor for Lamont!

Jon, Age 6 Last Updated September 5, 2019
Jon is a 6-year-old ball of energy who lives in the Eugene area. He's looking for a male mentor who enjoys being active--playing sports, chase, or hide and seek! When he slows down, Jon also likes playing video games and would like to learn how to make paper airplanes. He wants to be an "ice cream maker" when he grows up, and he'd love to go out for ice cream with his mentor!

Doug, Age 13 Last Updated March 1, 2019
Doug is 13 years old and lives in the Eugene area. He loves musicals and anime and really loves to draw too! He’s not sure what he would like to do when he grows up and describes himself as shy. Doug would prefer to have a female mentor with whom he can be more comfortable and work on artistic projects together and explore the outdoors with. Doug is quiet and reserved when you meet him but the more you hang out the more you see the bright light of his personality shine through! If you love art and animals you’d be a perfect mentor for Doug!

Garrett, Age 11 Last Updated April 4, 2018
Meet Garrett! Garrett is a 11-year-old football loving, natural athlete who lives in the Springfield area. Garrett loves to do anything active, but would love to eventually get on a dirt bike. He describes himself as being outgoing and would really like to improve his skills on both the keyboard and guitar. Garrett really needs a mentor who will help him get out and about, but also help him focus on school. If you think that Garrett sounds like a great kid to mentor, contact us today!

Zadie, Age 11 Last Updated September 12, 2019
Zadie is a 11-year-old starting middle school in Eugene. She's a "girly girl" who likes watching makeup tutorials and gymnastics (when she's not doing gymnastics--or basketball--herself!). Zadie is interested in lots of activities, and she's looking for an active woman who's up for trying things like roller skating, archery, and escape rooms to mentor her!

Ignacio, Age 12 Last Updated April 4, 2018
Ignacio is a spunky and passionate 12 year old living in the Eugene area! He is currently involved in pathfinders, a boy scout group, that shows off his outdoorsy and adventurous side. His least favorite subject in school is math, but loves ancient Greece and social studies. He would love to accompany his mentor at a Eugene Emerald's game, and also enjoys to play football, soccer, and basketball. Ignacio would love to rock climb, camp, and go fishing with his mentor! His favorite restaurant is empire buffet. He is aspiring to become an architect when he grows up. Another one of his favorite hobby is to play video games!If Ignacio sounds like a youth you want to mentor, apply to be involved today!

Quinton, Age 11 Last Updated March 1, 2019
Quinton is 11 years old and lives in the Eugene area. His favorite team in the Seahawks and he is gearing up to be able to play tackle football. Quinton really likes action movies and really likes to read too - his favorite books are Diary of Wimpy Kid and R.L. Stine books. Quinton really likes being outdoors and loves to play any game that includes running. Quinton would love to learn how to play the piano and learn how to do a back flip! He’s never been to Get Air and would love to go and would also like to go to the arcade with his mentor. Quinton is smart, funny, inquisitive and curious - a great mentee for any mentor!

Katy, Age 13 Last Updated September 26, 2019
Meet Katy! Katy is a 13-year-old and lives in the Springfield area. Katy is looking for a non-judgmental female mentor to spend some peaceful time with! She enjoys watching comedies, running by the river, or even sharing a plate of sushi! Katy also loves animals, especially cat and hamster! She would be happy if her mentor can share some hair and make-up tips and tricks with her!

Kenzie, Age 9 Last Updated November 1, 2019
A Springfield-based 9-year-old, Kenzie likes to stay busy and she's looking for a mentor who can keep up! She enjoys soccer, spending time on the swingset with friends, reading, and watching videos on Tik Tok. Kenzie has a big heart--her hero is Martin Luther King Jr. and her dreams include becoming a children's author, saving a sea turtle, and helping the homeless. If you'd like to mentor Kenzie, apply today!

Bryan , Age 5 Last Updated October 25, 2019
Bryan is a 5-year-old in southern Lane County who wants to be a fire chief when he grows up. He loves being outside--walking dogs, biking, hiking, and camping, so a mentor who enjoys the outdoors would be a great fit! For indoor activities, Bryan likes reading and enjoys cartoons and superheroes--especially Spider-Man! A musically-inclined mentor could also help him fulfill his desire to learn the guitar.

Ricky, Age 17 Last Updated June 6, 2019
Meet Ricky! He is a seventeen year old in the Eugene area who would love a mentor. Ricky loves the outdoors and sports; his favorites are Football and hiking. He is a bit shy and does not like changing social settings or schools. Ricky has plans to join the Job Corp and explore different career options. He struggles a bit in school and would do well with a mento who could tutor him a bit- especially in math. IF you think you'd make a good mentor match, apply to be Ricky's mentor today!

Chase, Age 10 Last Updated October 25, 2019
Meet Chase, a kindhearted 10-year-old boy residing in Springfield. A major animal lover, Chase has three cats and a fish at home, and wants to be a vet when he gets older. He enjoys everything outside--camping, fishing, climbing trees--and is a bit of a wilderness boy. He'd love to try kayaking with his mentor! At school, his favorite subject is art and he does crafts, paintings, and plays multiple musical instruments. If Chase sounds like a kid you'd like to spend time with, apply today to be his mentor!

Corbin, Age 8 Last Updated March 1, 2019
Corbin is 8 years old and lives in the Eugene area. He really likes math and art in school and enjoys watching the Ducks or the Giants play. Corbin is sweet and little quiet at first, but once you start talking about video games he can get really chatty! He would really like to go to gaming area at the mall. He’s learning how to play the drums and would like to enjoy that with his mentor as well. Corbin likes being outdoors, and would like to go on hikes with his mentor. Corbin’s family has a lot of pets so being an animal lover is a must!

Ursula, Age 13 Last Updated November 1, 2019
Meet Ursula! She's a bright, outgoing 13-year-old living in the Springfield area. She enjoys math in school, and spends her free time watching tv or playing sports like basketball and soccer with friends. Ursula also likes to sing, dance, and plays the cello. A mentor who's up for lots of activity and wants to take Ursula out for her favorite food (tacos!) would be a great fit!

Does Ursula sound like a kid you want to invest in? Apply to mentor her now!

Louis, Age 11 Last Updated March 1, 2019
Louis is 11 years old and lives in the Eugene area. Louis loves science but finds reading difficult. He is a fun-loving kid who loves to ride bike ramps, floating down the river and getting into water balloon fights. Louis really enjoys school and prefers school time to being on breaks. He really enjoys all kinds of movies (except scary!) and enjoys reading too. Louis really wants to learn karate and would like a mentor who will go on outdoor adventures with him, help him with homework, and go riding bikes. If you think you would be a good mentor for Louis get in touch today!

Quincy, Age 18 Last Updated April 22, 2019
Meet Quincy! He is an 18 year old, senior in high school living in Junction City. He loves being outdoors to go running, or playing soccer and baseball. He enjoys nature and being in open spaces. His creativity shows by his interests in watching musicals, playing the guitar, and doing role playing games with his friends. He watches action movies and his hero is James Bond. Quincy wants to be a police officer when he gets older and to travel the world to places such as Ukraine and London. He wants a mentor who can help him expand on his social skills. Quincy needs a mentor who is open to trying new activities, has a creative edge, and will encourage him on a positive path. If you think you could be a great mentor for Quincy, apply to become a mentor today!

Easton, Age 6 Last Updated October 14, 2019
Meet Easton! He is a six year old preschooler in the Springfield area. He likes art and having someone to read books with him! His favorite types of shows are cartoons and spy movies. He wants to be a cop when he gets older! He interested in doing some fun activities outside the home such as the Adventure Museum and Science Factory. Easton wants a mentor who will help him learn to tie his shoes, teach him to swim, and do creative art projects with! If this sounds like you, apply to be Easton’s mentor today!

Beatrice, Age 13 Last Updated October 25, 2019
Meet Beatrice, a 13-year-old girl living in Springfield. She has a broad range of interests including robotics at school, dance, and gymnastics, and she'd like to be a beautician when she grows up. She enjoys relaxing at home with a board game or heading outdoors for camping, swimming, and hiking. Things she'd like to do with her mentor include ice skating and baking. A Spanish-speaking mentor would be a nice bonus, as Beatrice would like to become fluent!

Riley, Age 9 Last Updated May 2, 2019
Meet Riley! Riley is a 3rd grader in the Cottage Grove area who loves to play baseball and enjoys science. She enjoys playing board games and running around outside. Riley loves gymnastics and wants to be able to do a backbend. She also would like to fly a kite. Her favorite animal is a cheetah and her favorite holiday is Christmas. Riley needs a mentor who will be patient and caring. She can be a bit shy so someone who can wait and help Riley come out of her shell would be great! Riley would like a younger female mentor. Become her mentor today!

Phil, Age 9 Last Updated August 29, 2019
Phil is a 9-year-old in the Springfield area with a friendly face who loves to be active! He’ll need a male mentor who can keep up playing sports or riding bikes and scooters. If you have a drone he can try out, all the better! When he does slow down, he also enjoys playing chess, checkers, Pokemon and Magic cards, and watching Star Wars and Marvel movies.

George, Age 12 Last Updated September 26, 2019
This is George. He is 12 years old, lives in the Springfield area and loves skateboarding. Besides his aspirations to become a professional skateboarder when he gets older, George also enjoys reading and playing/watching baseball. He has been playing for two years and his favorite position on the field is first base. Although George’s favorite team is the Yankees, he’s never been to a Eugene Emeralds game and would really like to go some day. George needs a mentor who will give him individualized time and attention, while working on breaking him out of his shell and boosting his confidence. If you think you could be a great mentor for George, apply to become his mentor today!

Harrison, Age 10 Last Updated April 4, 2018
Meet Harrison! Harrison is a 10-year-old who aspires to be a police officer someday. He lives in Springfield and can’t get enough of riding his bike. Harrison loves to be active, spending time outdoors and working on anything with wheels. A male mentor who can provide Harrison with a strong role model would be very beneficial for his confidence. If you believe you could be a support system for Harrison, apply to be his mentor today!

Danny, Age 14 Last Updated March 1, 2019
Danny is 14 Years old and lives in the Eugene area. His favorite subject in school is science and he especially loves marine biology. He would like to be a marine biologist when he grows up. Danny really enjoys swimming and exploring the outdoors as well as more calm activities like reading. He really enjoys all kinds of the food, but loves homemade food the best. Danny would really benefit from a mentor who would help him to not be afraid of trying new things and wants someone to enjoy new experiences with. If you’re an animal lover and enjoy the outdoors, Danny may be the perfect mentee for you!

Zakeriah, Age 9 Last Updated April 4, 2018
Zakeriah is 9 years old and lives in the Eugene area. While shy when you first meet. he opens up quickly to reveal himself to be a gifted and bubbly soul! He loves playing sports and going swimming, a plus if you have a skateboard! Zakeriah not only enjoys going on adventures, he a foodie in the making loving sushi, Mongolian and fondue. Zakeriah would love a mentor who can teach him how to play guitar and make cool alterations to his clothes. You should also love to laugh because Zakeriah loves comedies! If you think you could be a good fit for Zakeriah get in touch today!

Shia, Age 12 Last Updated September 28, 2018
Shia is 12 years old and lives in Eugene. He absolutely LOVES football, both playing and watching. Shia enjoys getting pizza and really likes to eat at IHOP and Sharis’. While he really enjoys getting out and being active, he’s also has fun playing board games like Yahtzee and Sorry! His favorite books are Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and he enjoys horror movies. Shia would really like to visit the Sea Lion Caves too! If he could get a mentor that can teach him how to play the guitar, then even better!

Olsen, Age 10 Last Updated September 28, 2018
Olsen is 10 years old and lives in Eugene. He absolutely loves to go fishing (he even has his own tackle box and several rods!). Olsen really enjoys the outdoors and is down to go on hikes, float down the river, and really loves swimming and camping. He really wants to try dirt biking and archery! Chinese food is his favorite kind, but he’ll never say no to Dickie Jo’s! He’s a real animal lover and would like a mentor who has pets. If you love outdoor adventures and sports, you could be the perfect mentor for Olsen!