It Takes a Village and We Need You

A Parent Mentor (short term or long term) can help families do the best job possible in raising their children. The program recognizes that safety, permanency and well being are essential to achieving a positive outcome for children. Without these essential family resources intact, a child’s successful transition to adulthood is doubtful.

Maybe you don't have 10 hours a month to give, but still want to help and certainly have something to offer. As you have heard, it takes a village and we need you!  Perhaps you can help in one of the below areas or let us know how you can help:

  • Legal assistance
  • Job training:

    Career coaching, identify resources and options for employment for the family

  • Driving families:

    On call for rides when needed (we will work with you on scheduling)

  • Budgeting Mentor:

    Teach a family to implement a working budget and savings, and begin credit repair process, help them learn to perform basic math and budgeting techniques.

  • Tutor/Educational Support Mentors:

    Help family seek education opportunities, skill training, assist with children's education needs.

  • Health/Nutrition Team:

    Ensure Family receives medical and dental care. Assist with grocery shopping, meal planning and meal preparation and encourage " family meal time”. Help the Family find appropriate and enjoyable exercise activities.

  • Respite care:

    Provide a breather for parents or watch children while parents attend an important meeting, or a role model good parenting skills.

  • Program support in our office :

    Intern or volunteer, support this program and the families by helping us in the office.

  • Community outreach

    Work to expand the Organization and community groups we can engage.

  • Better yet! Got ideas?

    Tell us how you can help:

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