Thank you for your interest in A Family For Every Child.   Children throughout the country await loving homes and A Family For Every Child seeks to find "Forever Families" for each one of these special children.

There are many different ways to donate to A Family For Every Child.   Below, you can see some of the many ways you can make a difference in a child’s life.   Please click on any of the options to find out more information about each method of making a difference in a child’s life.

For more information, please email Christy

Heart Link To Our Site
Do you have a website? Putting a link to A Family For Every Child on your website will help others find us and learn about adoption!

Heart Intern with us!
Learn by doing while earning course credit. We have a large number of internship positions in all areas of our operation.

Heart Legacy Giving
Legacy giving to A Family For Every Child allows you the opportunity to know the fruits of your life's labors will change the world in good and lasting ways.

Heart Search for Good!
Every time you search the internet or use an internet vendor, you can earn a contribution to A Family For Every Child. They add up! Follow these simple instructions and start giving as you search today!

Heart Heart Gallery Venue/Business Advocate
Allow us to display Heart Gallery children at your place of business.   One of your associates has the potential to be their "Forever Family."

Heart Share Our Site
We hope you like this site and will share this site with your friends and family. This form sends a quick e-mail to them with our link.

Heart Professional Photographer
Are you a professional photographer? Would you like to help kids find their "Forever Families" by photographing their unique attributes?

Heart Mentor
Help foster children experience 'the good life' by exposing them to positive influences, fun activities, and life skills that most people take for granted.

Heart Our Wish List
Help the Heart Gallery fulfill our wish list.

Heart Volunteer
Volunteer in any, or many, of the Heart Gallery programs from administration to "Family Finding" to LifeBook creation.

Heart LifeBookers and Scrapbooking
Help foster children remember their roots and connect with their past by creating LifeBooks.

HeartBIG Thank Yous for Some of Our Donors, Sponsors, and Supporters